The Traumatic Time of India

Traumatic meaning in hindi is “something painful which leaves a deep wound”. COVID 19 pandemic situation can be relate with this word. The second wave of COVID 19 has attacked India very aggressively. The virus has become more infectious as it is attacking the children also. Every other household is having COVID patients, either admitted in hospital or getting treatment while at home. Some unfortunates with severe illness are not getting a bed in any hospital. The all sick atmosphere is causing gloom and distress.

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The television news channels are bringing the plight of people from all over India and the scene of the burning pyres or the graves are too traumatic for anyone’s mental health. The scene of the people running around for oxygen, ventilators, medicines or a simple hospital bed is scary and constantly compelling us to pray to that almighty with a hope to get a magic wand to vanish this deadly virus. The circumstance is starting to resemble with traumatic meaning in Hindi. Never in life, People felt so helpless!

The citizens now must take the pledge to become much more responsible.

The second wave of the pandemic could have been handled in a more responsible way by the administrators. The second wave is not a tsunami or earthquake that we couldn’t prepare ourselves to check its devastating effects. The people of India, though a huge number, could have been acknowledged about the different variant of the virus, the mutated virus is much more dangerous than what we experienced in first wave. The citizens could have got the vaccines to fight against the pandemic. But, on the contrary, now we are seeking some miracles to happen to drive away the virus as the number of active cases are now highest in the world! The situations in many states of India are very horrifying, can be equated with some horror stories or the Hollywood movies which show how the aliens are attacking a civilized nation and people are just scared to save their lives!

Rules to follow combat the virus:

1.Wearing double mask is mandatory.

2.Do not touch or use the mask twice.

3.Wash/Sanitize your hands frequently.

4.Stop unnecessary movements/ travelling.

5.Stock food for many days at home and follow simple diet daily.

6.Cut down your wants/ wishes- stop visiting shops/ marketplaces frequently.

7.Stop entertaining guests at your home.

8.If the need arises to visit a crowded place, adhere to strict social distancing and observe COVID appropriate behaviour

Be kind to people. Do not express anger or do not cause stress to anyone.

Show self discipline, shoulder the extra responsibility that the pandemic demands of us.

Pray for the well being of the people of the land.

Let us hope the good old times of the yesteryear return soon.



One response to “The Traumatic Time of India”

  1. $ Avatar

    I am glad people are praying in real sense for each other’s well being these days.
    And i go with the tag line of this Page which is 100% true ” Life is all about sweet and sour experiences…” and currently we are facing the second part of this which is sour.

    Everything will settle as the time goes on…. Today it is Covid-19 tomorrow it would be something else and so on..
    Who will control all of this? What will control all of this?
    Are we all really educated in true sense? Is education all about the degrees what we hold?
    All the questions roll around and if we keep on applying any logic then it would end up with an infinite loop.

    So, here is what I feel –
    This is the time to think, rethink, rebuild and work on the core values on which this universe is built or stands.
    And I leave it on the readers of this comment to figure it out.

    I wish for the safety and well being of each and everyone.
    Good days are about to come. Hold your senses and we shall be out of IT.

    Just be patient and play your part being “RESPONSIBLE”.

    – Jai Hind

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