Health Benefits of Corn:

It’s monsoon and the Indian streets are flooded with yellow corn. Sellers are busy in roasting corns on red hot charcoals and there is no dearth of buyers. The nutritional health benefits of corn are amazing if it’s grown through organic farming. Drizzling rain, dropped the temperature and hot corns with lemon juice, pepper and salt are real monsoon food. Know the benefits of corn and have it roasted or boiled.

  • Controls Diabetes and hypertension
  • Reduces cholesterol absorption
  • Boosts immune system
  • Prevents anaemia
  • Reduces the risk of colon cancer
  • Good for cardiovascular diseases
  • Rich sources of vitamins and minerals
  • Good for bone health
  • Helps to prevent haemorrhoids
  • Good for eyesight and skin
  • Free radical scavengers throughout the body
  • Rich source of Ferulic acid, an anti carcinogenic agent



What freedom means to me……

Freedom means the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. Freedom means the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. The uncomplicated meaning of freedom in a dictionary.

But understanding freedom in its true sense is far from complicated.

Free from slavery, free from foreign rule, free to rule your own country is freedom.

Achieving the status of a free state was never easy for any country which was enslaved. The time of colonisation has vanished, all the countries and the world has moved forward, things are much more civilised and modernised now. The world has progressed but still, some issues force us to think deeply.

Our children are still suffering from hunger, deprived of education, lost childhoods and struggle to meet the both ends daily. The world is the toughest place for the young innocent children to survive. In this era of the twenty-first century which is a cyber century, the most progressive century: we have millions of children who live on streets, not have proper nutrition, don’t have access to education and don’t have access to proper sanitation. The list may grow by few more parameters. Still, the birth of a girl child is taken as a curse! Today I came across a news in TV that a husband smashed his wife’s face with a stone and killed her because she gave birth to two daughters consecutively. The plight of girl children and women are not at all upgraded rather with time we have fallen behind to protect the weaker gender, better not to talk about equality!

free 5

Freedom has a broader meaning. Like the complete power to express the thoughts, let the thought be judged but let people speak freely. Freedom means choosing your lifestyle, career, choices freely. With Freedom, must come the responsibility of preserving the rich culture and heritage of our nation. Preservation of history always is a trial to show respect to our forefathers.

Freedom must come with a package of safety and security for every citizen. Equal education for all, food for all, healthcare for every citizen,  good roads to move, water and energy, homes for all, a clean environment, corruption free society- an unselfish world for all. It sounds like a fairy tale, a heaven on this earth!! But then, how could I express what I mean by freedom? To me, Freedom is Happiness all around.

As the day started with the patriotic fervours, a smell of rituals everywhere, a serene feeling with patriotic songs, respect shown with full passions, the day spent well as could be.

I, wanted by heart, not to listen to any news which demoralises the spirit but could not. The evening news revealed a minor girl raped in the morning when she was going for flag hoisting function in a park in a city like Chandigarh. The same old story was rewritten by someone for whom freedom loses its meaning!!

Freedom in the willy-nilly way loses its purpose.





Think about Carousel and what comes in your mind?

I just tried to express it.

C– Challenging

A– Adventurous

R—Robust (Tough/ Vigorous)

O—Orientation (dis)


S—Strange (Bizarre/Weird)


L— Love

Love for carousel leads you to an adventurous world.


20 Possible Ways to Fly Healthy:

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… Well, if you were Superman, travelling would be so much easier. If you’re not ( and if you are, feel free to skip this article and go save the world 😉 ) air travel can be overwhelming and exhausting. Planes are often reputed as cold and flu factories with various germs and bacteria lingering around. Your head may be in the clouds (quite literally) but keep your feet grounding as we provide you with these tips on how to stay healthy while flying!!

1) Get enough sleep before you travel. People who are well rested with adequate sleep are less susceptible to infections. 

2) Carry your own travel pillow and blankets as the airlines often reuse them rather than cleaning them between the flights.

3) If you’re travelling with a child make sure your child is up to date on immunisations.

4) Never forget to carry an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Sanitize your hands before eating airline meal or after using the toilet. healthy-on-plane-1-sanitizer

5) Use Alcohol wipes or Anti Bacterial/Viral wipes to disinfect the tray table. 102990139-GettyImages-469661198.530x298

6) Use a new towel or a wipe to open or shut the cubicle door and to use the taps or flush.

7) Dehydrated mucous membranes are prone to infection. Drink bottled water to keep them from drying out. Avoid alcohol and caffeine while flying as they tend to cause dehydration.pexels-photo-75627

8) Don’t use water in the bathroom to brush your teeth. Use bottled water instead. 

9) Always sanitize your hands after leaving an airplane bathroom as bacterias like E.Coli, Shigella or Klebsiella are often present on the toilet seats.

10) Try to avoid using seat pockets as previous passengers could have put old tissues there.stm50928730d6f1e20121101

11) Avoid drinking coffee or tea on an airplane as they’re made from water in the airplanes’ tanks. Usually, boiling water up to 100 Degree Celsius for 1 minute kills the pathogens, however, in an airplane it may not often reach the required temperature to kill the pathogens. A person with suppressed immune system should avoid drinking water or anything made out of airplanes’ water tanks. Also, Avoid ice in drinks as they’re usually made from water in the tank.

12) If affordable or possible sit towards the front of the plane as ventilation systems in any commercial aircraft provides a better airflow.

13) Avoid touching surfaces in an airplane bathroom. Use the paper toilet seat cover and wash hands with hot water and soap and use a fresh towel to turn off the tap. Be extra cautious on international flights as there are more chances of people coming back with viruses that our immune systems aren’t used to.17.

14) Ask sick passengers near you to observe cold and flu etiquettes. If someone near you isn’t covering coughs or sneezes ask them to, even if it makes you feel awkward to do so. 

15) Use the personal air conditioning vents as the sophisticated filters present in them removes 99.97 percent of the germs. It also keeps the secondary air flow from your fellow passengers away.Xian_China_Eastern_Airlines_Aircraft_Cabins_Lighting_n_Air-Conditioner

16) Avoid packing a heavy carry on baggage as it can cause back or muscle injury while walking through the airport or lifting it up into the overhead bin.

17) On long international flights get up and stretch periodically or walk up and down the aisle. Sitting in an economy class seat for a long time can decrease blood flow to the lower limbs and cause blood clots in your leg (Deep Venous Thrombosis). Risk factors for DVT are pregnancy, old age, obesity, history of heart disease or history of blood clots.

18) If you’re prone to motion sickness take ginger capsules before boarding the flight. Avoid looking at moving images or reading books. Direct the air-conditioning vent over your head. Listen to soothing music and try to sleep. Motion sickness ends when you fall asleep.

19) Avoid travelling when you are sick as the stress from travelling can further exaggerate the illness.

20) Wash or sanitize your hands after getting off escalators as they’re always full of germs. pexels-photo-327496

Here we go, Now you know the 20 Possible Ways to Have a Healthy and A Germ-Free Flight! Have a safe flight and Happy Journey!!!



An inspiring Star -Maryam Mirzakhani

Thought of writing an interesting story after seeing “Moxie” as the prompt word. But then flashed this news – Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to receive the prestigious Fields Medal (Nobel Prize of Mathematics) for mathematics, has died in the US. She was just 40, survived by her husband and a very young daughter. She could not fight anymore. Lost the battle. Breast cancer spread through her bones and attacked her bone marrow. A bright star fell off so soon!! When cruelty hits out, we become numb, lose our nerves, wait quietly for Almighty’s decision.

Maryam Mirzakhani wanted to become a writer in her childhood but took up Mathematics when her elder brother encouraged her. She was the winner of gold medals in International Mathematics Olympiad twice, in 1994 and 1995. Currently, she was teaching Mathematics at Stanford University, USA.

She was born in Tehran, Iran’s capital, in 1977 and went on to complete a bachelor of science in mathematics from the city’s Sharif University of Technology in 1999. Then she moved to the USA to pursue higher studies. Apart from the Fields Medal, Mirzakahani has also been awarded the Blumenthal Award (2009) and the Clay Research Award (2014). She also became the first Iranian woman to have been elected to the US National Academy of Sciences, in 2016.

The only recognised woman Mathematician, that too from a country like Iran. Lots of courage needed to fight against society’s rituals, go to a school and then move to the most progressive country in the world, the USA. She was a student of Harvard University and obtained her Ph. D From the same University. Raised the point of lack of women Mathematicians worldwide. She married a man from other religion. A progressive mind from Iran teaches us about what is the meaning of moxie!! Hats off to her!! The bravest woman, the most intelligent woman on the Earth is no more. My heart filled with grief, why she died so young? A woman’s role model, she could have guided many more women to come up and contribute for the mankind. It’s true that women, in many countries won’t get the same opportunities as men. They struggle, fight against the odds. Maryam is the guiding light for them. She may not be alive, but her story will encourage women folk especially and the human kind in general.

May her soul rest in peace.



Love for Snacks

I love to cook. Today’s prompt made me delighted as I have a chance to share my culinary skills with all of you. You become passionate about recipes when foodies are around. Preparing snacks are tough as you should not have anything or everything for snacking! Like your meals, your snacks too should be healthy and nutritious. Here I share some evening snacks I prepared recently. These go well with a cup of tea or coffee.

Cutlet prepared with bread, cottage cheese and onions with few herbs .(©Revolving Around Life)
Cutlets with soya granules, boiled potatoes, onion-garlic paste, little spices. (©Revolving Around Life)
Bread balls with boiled potatoes and cottage cheese fillings. Looks like an egg. Yummy for children. (©Revolving Around Life)
A tangy nutritious salad with grated cucumber, onions, chillies, coriander leaves, grated coconut, soaked lentils, and lemon juice. (©Revolving Around Life)
Custard with dark chocolate paste and lots of dry fruits. Healthy and easy to make. (©Revolving Around Life)
A healthy drink prepared from tomatoes, carrots, pomegranate. We can prepare with other combinations of fruits and vegetables too. Ver fulfilling to stomach. (©Mithu Gupta, Everyday Cooking)
Here goes the Devil. What I did for my blog today or what the prompt did to me! ‘Snack’ inspired me to prepare this snack for today’s companion for coffee. Innovative indeed! Toast biscuits with cheese spread, peanut butter and choco spread toppings.  Though tasty, very easy to make and tempting for children, we should avoid it. Avoid the reasons for obesity. (©Revolving Around Life)

Now, you know, what all I wanted to tell about snacks.

Happy Snacking!

Stay Healthy and Fit!



Salute To The Committed.

Committed, we are all. To our professions, to our duties for our children, to everything we do. We are committed to ourselves to see our intentions for the living are fulfilled. Life without a purpose does not bear any meaning. If we achieve our purpose of living we feel proud.

Think about the soldier fighting for us on the border, fighting against all odds to keep us safe. How is he committed?

Think of that social worker who has only intended to do works for people. How are they committed? Remember Mother Teresa?!

Think of the doctor who takes rounds after rounds to see his patients cured. He forgets sleep and food sometimes.

Think of the surgeons who thought about the heart transplantation and head transplantation of late. And those in search of medicines to cure cancer.

Think of the scientists working in NASA, searching for another habitable planet.

The scientists and the people involved in exploring the Earth, space, ocean, deserts and  Antarctica for the benefits of human being.

The people who are committed towards the benefits of society are really blessed. They are the children of God.  Who can leave a mark, remains alive after death is the really committed people.




The Killing Alzheimer’s

Have you ever watched a nail-biting finish of world Cup football match or have seen your favourite sports star winning the game after the hardest fight? Or, have you could reach the airport to board the plane at last minute? Or, arrived for the job interview in last minute? All of us, have, at a certain point of time realised the feelings of ‘relieved’ to the core of our bones. I have also experienced so many “last moments” in my life that now can’t bear this kind of tensions at all. So, I try to avoid last minute arrivals nowadays but can’t help last minute win of my favourite football team.

The most pathetic moment of excitation of my life seen my grandpa missing from home. He was a Professor working in a renowned University. He was a scholarly person and had to travel to various colleges for up gradation of the Philosophy Departments and designing the curriculum. We had a farmhouse too in a nearby village. My grandpa was very fond of gardening and he used to visit the farmhouse on the weekends. When I was only five years old, my parents along with me went to visit my grandparents during my summer vacation in school. With grandparents everything becomes different. The most pampered days, foods, roaming, shopping and lots of chocolates and sweets were an everyday affair. After two days of our arrival, my grandpa had a call from a college Principal requesting him to solve a problem related to their work and he agreed to attend the meeting. The place was only two hours journey by train from our place. As usual routine work to finish, my grandpa left for the station and asked us to go to the farmhouse as he would come back directly to the farmhouse in the evening. We also were happy and along with my grandma, we arrived at the farmhouse. We enjoyed whole day, my father was fond of fishing, I also enjoyed with him. The day spent so well. In the evening we were waiting for Grandpa to arrive. My mother prepared a special sweet and snacks for him. But, to our surprise, he did not come back. The clock ticked it’s time to midnight, my grandma was out on the street, my dad started calling neighbours, and the moment of terrible anxiety gripped us. On those days, we didn’t have mobile phones, no internet, no communication was available.

There was no news of train accidents too. The night passed with anxiety, grief, predicting the worst possible news. In the early morning, next day, my dad and neighbouring uncles went to police station to file a missing report. All disheartened, tears in eyes we were sitting numbly. Could not predict what went wrong! My grandma went inside to pray to God and closed the door. I fall asleep on my mother’s lap. My dad sat on a chair like a statue, no amount of consolations could feed him a cup of tea!

Time passed and it was about noon, I woke up as I was feeling hungry. I looked at my mother but didn’t dare to ask for food. There was a knock on the door and a voice calling “Joy”…..my dad’s nickname. We were dumbstruck, we knew that voice, its grandpa out there. My mother just rushed fast towards the door and as if holding her breath she opened it wide with bangs!! Grandpa standing with two other men we didn’t know. Our eyes forgot to blink, we got up, moved slowly towards the door, didn’t believe having him right in front of us!! What a relief!!! Till today could not forget that day of my life. At that age, I experienced the worst anxiety and the best relief!

The story unfolded. My grandpa boarded a wrong train and arrived at a wrong place. He could not realise what he did, where he arrived. He got down from the train when co-passengers told the train has reached the last station. He sat in a place in the station and tried to remember where he was supposed to go. As he could not help himself, he sat in the same place. After the whole day passed, in the night, the station vendors got curious about him. From his appearance they guessed that he must be any dignified person, they tried to know his home address. My grandpa could not tell them anything but shown all his papers. The kind-hearted people could know his address from his identity card and boarded a train in the morning to our village place. Thankfully, the identity card was reading our farm house address. So, the two men decided to accompany him up to our house. Our heart felt the gratitude never like before and after. They took food with us and left for their home and now they are our extended family. We were not technologically advanced those days, but people were with angelic hearts!!

My Grandpa was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and took abode to heaven three years later.



Cottage Cheese or Paneer: Nutritional facts.

Cottage cheese is a wonder food. Storehouse of all nutrients our body needs. No fussy preparation makes it the most widely used food by vegetarians. Boil milk and add some lime juice or vinegar. The casein protein in the milk when reacts with the acid curdles up and your cottage cheese is ready. Strain it through a muslin cloth and press it. Now you can cook or can have it directly with a little sugar.

Curdled Milk OR Paneer

One cup of cottage cheese provides you approximately 200 calories. It has protein, vitamin B12, Riboflavin (vitamin B2), calcium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. One cup can provide you 28 grams of protein which is 47 percent of the recommended daily dose. Like other animal-based proteins, cottage cheese provides all the amino acids you need, making it a source of complete protein. Hence if you are vegetarian then you need not worry about protein intake with paneer on your platter. One cup of paneer gives you plenty of phosphorus and calcium. These two minerals are essential for bone growth and strength. Phosphorus also helps in biological metabolism to create energy and helps in make up the structure of DNA. Calcium also helps in muscle relaxation, prevent muscle cramps.

One cup of cottage cheese provides you vitamin B12. The only natural source of vitamin B 12 is animal protein. This vitamin helps to remove homocysteine, from the blood stream. Homocysteine is a natural byproduct of other processes in the body, but it should be removed as it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Vitamin B 12 converts homocysteine into other helpful substances. Another vitamin is Riboflavin (B 2) found in cottage cheese which helps in enzymatic reactions to produce energy.

Zinc, which is one of the micronutrients required by the body is present in paneer. Zinc improves the immune system, digestion, diabetes control, improves ocular health, and prevents prostate disorder.

Selenium is another micronutrient which is available in paneer. It helps in protecting cell and DNA. Selenium is also helpful to prevent prostate and colon cancer.

Add Yoghurt to your daily diet

Nowadays people prefer vegetarian diets for many reasons. Some are spiritually inclined, some are worried about the environment and animal rights while some want to lose weight. Reasons may be many, including personal choice. When the life is too busy, there is absolutely no time to think about food, forget about thinking about their nutritional values. Whether you are vegetarian or not, your diet must include an adequate amount of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and fats along with micronutrients like calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, selenium etc. Foods which are rich in nutrients keep you on your toes.

But how many are aware of and care about nutritional food values and how the diet should be planned? Especially in a country like India where people are under tremendous pressure to make their both ends meet? When a vegetarian diet isn’t planned in a manner as it should be, then the trouble related to nutrition can start. It’s not only about vegetarians but also for people who suddenly stops eating meat and instead, decides to be a vegetarian.

If you are a vegetarian, how frequently you check with your protein intake? One very good source of protein for all you vegetarians is yoghurt/curd.

Let us first understand the difference between yoghurt and curd.

  • Indian curd is made by boiling and cooling the milk to lukewarm state and then adding a spoonful of curd. Curd has lactic acid bacteria or lactobacillus. This bacteria multiplies itself in the ambient temperature and in few hours ferments the milk to form the curd.
  • Yoghurt is prepared similarly but the fermentation of the milk is done by adding other specific strains of bacteria like Lactobacillus bulgaris, streptococcus thermophiles, Lactobacillus casei. Other strains of lactic acid bacteria may also be added. This ensures both quality and right quantity of bacteria in the yoghurt. Sometimes vitamin D is also added to yoghurt to enhance its nutritional value.

Hence, you can yoghurt of your choice from the market or you can have homemade curd. Nothing else is easier than preparing curd at home!

Yoghurt/Curd is a good source of protein, vitaminB6 and B12, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. It’s a source of fat too but you have a choice of low-fat or fat-free yoghurt if you are hypertensive and diabetic. Due to the presence of protein and calcium, yoghurt helps in building bones, prevents osteoporosis, and keeps your muscles relaxed after a workout (or prevents post work out muscle trauma).

The presence of bacteria or more precisely, the probiotic bacteria keeps your gut healthy. Our digestive tract needs these bacteria which help in digestion and keeps away other gastrointestinal disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhoea, colon cancer, and more importantly H.pyroli (a bacteria) infection. Chronic H. pylori infection causes ulcer and stomach cancer.

Yoghurt helps to reduce lactose intolerance. Scientists believe that probiotics in yoghurt boost the release of beta-galactosidase, an enzyme that enhances lactose digestion.

Scientific evidence reveals that addition of yoghurt to your diet can protect you from the development of several types of cancer like colon, bladder, and breast.

Yoghurt helps in reducing obesity. The main component of yoghurt, calcium is responsible for its anti-obesity benefits. Calcium can suppress the release of the hormone calcitriol, thereby halting fat storage and promotes fat breakdown. The anti-obesity activity thereby reduces the risk of Type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It also enhances the immune system of the body.

Yoghurt also helps in reducing hypertension and increases HDL. It can prevent gum disease too.

Enough of good side effects of yoghurt. Excess intake may cause prostate cancer and kidney stone due to high intake of calcium. And many people can’t tolerate milk sugar (lactose). So they may avoid having yoghurt in case yoghurt can’t improve their lactose intolerance condition.

I wanted you to know the health benefits of yoghurt or curd. A food which can be prepared easily is so beneficial. So, why wait? Let me give you some idea to have yoghurt in your diet in the easiest way.

  • Always have fresh yoghurt/ curd. Have it during breakfast with fruits or alone.
  • You can have yoghurt, cereals and banana mixed together. It makes a nutritious food.
  • Prepare a smoothie of hung curd and mango. Take equal quantity of mango pulp and hung curd. Add sugar (optional). Blend it, relish it instead of an ice cream. Have a better food than ice cream.

    Hung Curd and Alphonso Mango Smoothie
  • Prepare a thinner blend of yoghurt/curd (Indian lassi) with any fruit crush like blueberry, strawberry or black currant. Add a pinch of salt. Add few ice cubes (optional). Have it after lunch or in hot summer, anytime.

    Black Currant
    Black Currant Crush and Curd blend.
  • There is a famous preparation of ‘sweet curd’ in India. It can replace ice cream.
  • Add curd in different recipes of paneer or vegetables.
  • Prepare delicious Curd Rice.

Eat healthily. Daily intake of curd will help you to live longer.