Spend these Quarantine days wisely.

Never knew what quarantine is. Never needed to be quarantined. How astonishing the time is for all of us. Mankind, everyone was too busy to find any time to mingle with others, too busy to visit family, friends, needy poor. Too busy people were working for the well being of mankind! too busy a man was always worried to meet the target/ the deadline. Too busy a woman was busy in nursing, educating, bringing up children, always worried about everything. Life was too busy for all of us. so much of stress and most of us were clueless about handling the stressful life. were we became so engulfed in ourselves that the beautiful nature got disheartened? after all, we are her children but were least bothered to take care of her.

Were we not too proud of our technology, progress, achievements or success? Were we not too busy to float our victorious deeds every now and then?

But there was this virus waiting to shatter our pride!! Isn’t this amazing!!

The enemy is the tiniest, invisible and it seems invincible too. This invisible enemy of ours has forced us to sit down at our homes, take notice of the menace it is creating every day- it is such an attention seeker!!

I, too, am at home as the lockdown has been imposed by the government. The Institutions are closed, the shops are closed. Only the essential service places are kept open. Never in my life, I ever imagined a time like this. My busy everyday schedule has come to a halt, making me restless sometimes. the food items are piled up, not much but it is okay to have less food when life has become sedentary. The time has arrived to show us our face, to make us realise the soul of nature, to understand the universality- the human race is one. We now know that our problems are common, our enemy is the same, we are all together in our sorrow, we are all together have become helpless. There is none poor, none rich; there is none black, none white; none belongs to the developed nation, none belongs to the developing nation. We are fighting the pandemic!

One way to save our lives is to become self quarantined or become isolated from the rest of the world. Stay at home all days and all nights till the pandemic ends. It is difficult to be inside four walls for whole day but this is the only solution. What can you do during this isolation period? Let’s have a look:

  1. Get up leisurely as there is no rush to go to work-place unless you can help someone. Get freshen up.
  2. Take a walk around your home lawn or balcony to have some fresh air.
  3. If not willing then open the doors and windows and let the fresh air come in and little sunlight shine in your rooms.
  4. Prepare black tea with ginger and lemon- boil water in a pan, crush ginger and add to it. bring it to a boil for 1-2 minutes. Then add teabag/ tea leaf. Cover the pan, keep for 2-3 minutes. Strain it to a tea-cup. Add sugar to your test and few drops of lemon juice. Stir the tea and see how the colour changes to golden yellow!! Sip and enjoy this tea as it will help grow your immunity.pexels-photo-905485
  5. While sipping tea, have a look at the news channels to keep yourself upgraded about the current situations.
  6. Then prepare a meal for brunch. Keep oranges, bananas and apples or other sources of vitamin C. At this time, try to have lemons, oranges, tomatoes and fresh fruits in plenty.
  7. To spend time, those who are not working from home, can pamper hobbies, indulge yourself with creative works, explore the books in your home library, do the needful decluttering. Spend time with your family members, cook good food, explore youtube for new recipes, teach your children as they must be feeling bored.
  8. Keeping yourself busy is the key to overcome the mundane mental state at this point of time. Social media helps. As you scroll through your face book account, you discover not only the types of people available on this planet, but also various pages keep yourself happy. For example, many pages contain small stories or poems. The writers are mostly women. It is delightful to read those creative pieces and get inspired. It is like, “why can’t I try writing something?”
  9. There are plenty of pages and links where you get good music to listen to. There are plenty of movies which you missed due to lack of time. Finish watching them one by one.
  10. Use Whatsapp video calls and messages to get reconnected with your old friends, relatives and other important people of your life.
  11. If you are good at knitting or sewing or fashion designing. then spend your time creating something new.
  12. This is the time when all family members are together and staying whole day together. There will be conflicts, arguments, the peace of the sweet home may get jeopardised. Keep calm, share the household works. Plan the day in the morning and finish all the work in a definite time.
  13. If the children are attending online classes at home, then parents must support them by not disturbing them. Help your child to finish all the assignments.
  14. In the evening all family members can spend time by either playing games together like carrom, ludo or any other indoor games. Or you can spend time with children by watching movies, cartoons, dance programs or can have story- telling sessions. the choice is yours.
  15. Observe nature closely, your surrounding closely. This peaceful surrounding is teaching us many things. Use your cell phone to catch those moments created by less polluted surrounding and upgrade your instagram account. So there is not much time in isolation too, if you are spending your time joyously, productively.
  16. Take care everyone. Stay at home.




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