How to be a winner

Life is all about winning. The rules for winning are there to stay and well followed by people. What if I don’t follow it? Will I not be a winner?!

#Rule1 to win the race is: RUN 24×7

#Rule2: Be aware of your competitors and their progress

#Rule3: Be a watchdog, all the time

#Rule4: Never give up

#Rule 5: Be confident

#Rule6: Be positive

#Rule7: Be smartly

#Rule8: Learn to win hearts

#Rule9: Be honest to build your brand

#Rule 10: Learn to prioritize

Some of the common practices by people who want to achieve fast.

How is it if you chose to be a tortoise rather than a rabbit? The tortoise, the underdog won the race! we know it. Be like the tortoise; Know your goal and stay focused consistently. You will be a winner. Do not run and get overstressed. It is okay to stay in the middle, get recognised as a consistent player, build your legacy slowly and there will be no looking back. The world will recognise you as a winner!

Hate it or Love it; the underdogs come out on top.





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3 responses to “How to be a winner”

  1. John Snow Avatar

    Great rules! That is for real… Nice tips.

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    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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