How women can stay safe- few tips.

This morning woke up with the news of a police encounter where all the four rapists of a  veterinary doctor were killed by the police. I felt happy and along with me many citizens heaved a sigh of relief. Many questioned the act of police too. May be the incident is questionable but at the same time it shows the intolerance and impatience of a section of citizen who are fed up of the judicial system and all the systems for that matter. Every household has a woman, even the rapists are born by the process of nine months in the womb of their mother. The rate at which the news of rapes are pouring in everyday is disturbing. And now the further torture of the rape victim by the accused is also coming in. Overall the situation is panicky as far as women safety is concerned. It is better that all the girl children get sufficient protection by parents and school authority, young girls and women should be alert and take care of themselves. Here are few suggestions for young girls and working and non- working women to keep safe from rape hazards:

  • Do not stay outside when it is dark outside. return home by 6 in the evening.
  • If you are working and returning home late at night, then ensure a safe travel. Do not use the same route everyday to return home or going to work.
  • Do not park your vehicle in an unsafe and dark place. Always  park your vehicle in an authorized parking place.
  • Do not waste time once you get into your car, start the vehicle and run off. That is, do not give any chance to anyone to get into your car.
  • Wear clothes with pockets so that you can keep an weapon init- for example a knife, a pepper spray or any sharp object.
  • Learn self defense tactics. Join a karate class.
  • Parents of a girl child has a huge responsibility to taught the child about self dense and make your daughter brave and courageous.
  • Girls- do not make eye contacts with men when you are out and avoid going somewhere alone. Move with a group of friends as much as possible.
  • Wear good shoes and not heels so that you can run fast when needed. Especially working women have to go out everyday and fall in a situation unfavorable for their safety. Avoid heels.
  • Do not drink when you are out of home. Drugged drinks are the most common trap the criminals use against women. Ensure that you watch your drinks poured in the glass or you serve yourself with drinks if you are in a party hosted by your closest friend.
  • Trust less, speak less to a stranger.
  • Do not get into the lift with any men when there is no other woman present in the lift.
  • Danger for women are everywhere. So try to be alert always. Do not get engrossed with your cell phone when you are travelling alone. Be it a bus stand, airport or railway station. Be aware about your surroundings.
  • Do not take any risk. Try showing unnecessary courage. Stay safe.
  • Come out of a troubled marriage gracefully. Everyone’s life your life is precious.

The crimes against women are nothing new. Violence against women are nothing new. Always use your sixth sense and avoid a situation when your life is at risk.

Appeal to the parents- Take good care of your daughter. Help her to grow bold.




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