Lessons of life.

What I realized about living life- Late realizations:


  • If you have external beauty and money, you will be popular and  even your haters will start following you.


  •  Nobody cares about anybody. The  people you think are important for your life may not attend your funeral. Your parents are the only people who genuinely cares about you.


  •  The one who is sincere to maintain relationships, is kind, take care of people in crisis is taken for granted. Whether you are a daughter or daughter in law, son or son in law, if you are caring then it is more likely that you get hurt by your close ones.


  • Watch your  friends closely. Not all your friends are your well wishers. Hence do not disclose all secrets  and plans to them. It may happen that you fail in your endeavor and they relish it!


  • Work hard to achieve success. Young age is the right age to do hard work so that the old age becomes free of worries.


  • Try to earn from at least 2/3 sources. Do not put all your money in one basket.


  • Everything is temporary in life-  first love, best friend,  supportive persons, well wishers. People leave, people change. Accept the change gracefully. Know that, change is the only constant.


  • Love yourself, give priority to your passion, do the good work, earn a good name. You live only once- live for yourself.


  • Do not bother about what people say. Do whatever you like as long as you are in right path.


  • Try to forget and forgive to be happy. If a person hurt you never go back to him/her. Forget it as a bad chapter of your life.


  • The best teachers of life are an empty pocket and no food on plate/hunger. hence save money which will save you one day.


  • Everyday is a new day. Try everyday to  upgrade yourself. It is never too late to start afresh.


  • Spend some time with nature, enjoy solitude/your own company. Be positive always. Never regret. Stay beautiful, appreciate beauty.


  • Travel to know places at least once in a year or once in two years. Save some money to travel. Travelling is refreshing from monotony and enriching for soul.


  • Remember: enjoying your own company is priceless. Your own home is the sweetest place.


  • Plan your life well in advance so that you wont repent later.


  • Follow your heart-it will lead you to a peaceful place.


Feature image collected from Unsplash. Photo credit- Dayne Topkin.







2 responses to “Lessons of life.”

  1. Karthik Avatar

    It ws good and informartive 👍

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  2. Badri Mukund Vaidya Avatar
    Badri Mukund Vaidya

    inspiring mam.

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