Decluttering – New year Resolution

Minimalism, it seems,is thriving in this land of excess. In a culture where abundance is hailed, richness is dazzling to hurt the hearts and heaving wardrobes are proudly displayed, “less is more” is perhaps like an oasis.

This year I have decided not to buy unnecessary things, clothes, books, decorative items. I will pretend as a poor, falling short of money and will put all my money in the banks. Let my financial status be enhanced by deducting those unnecessary shopping. The things are piling up, there is very little time to declutter, donate or deduct as I am working six days in a week. Only Sunday is “at home” time when I remain busy in cooking good food and organizing home. I hope the authorities will understand one day that overworking brings down the efficiencies of employees and will implement a five days working program. But by the time rules change I will retire!

There are many blocks at home, so to say, which need regular attention of cleaning and organizing. Wardrobes(obviously more than one), bookshelves, cloth racks, file cabinets, drawers, kitchen, toilets and bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms, refrigerators, garage and so many small corners. I buy things and sometimes forget too that what I possess. The space at home are becoming congested and what I feel that the cluttering is making me unhappy most of the time. I look at the unorganized corners, the unfolded clothes, the untidy bookshelves and feel depressed. A plan always goes in mind to organize the things, make some empty space at home so that some fresh air flows in between the spaces which will bring happiness. But Alas! where is that holiday when I can make my living space more tidy and peaceful?

Recently I came to know about the Japanese practice of uncluttered way of living- ‘KonMari’ which is amazing way to keep more clothes/things in small place. This art has mesmerized me and I will dedicate my time in this year to follow Marie Kondo’s advice. I know, following her all instructions will not be easy but at least my wardrobes will remain neat with her methods of folding clothes.

You too can try this method . Watch the following video.

The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now but  not for the person we were in the past. Clutter at home slowly travels up to our mind and forbid us from becoming the parson we want to become. For example, we keep many things out of emotional attachments, the things obtained from the past drag us to the past memories which are often bitter too. If the memories are sweet, it make you sad in the present, if memories are bitter, it make you angry and depressed. In both ways clutters enforce a negative energy. If things are lying unnecessarily, without serving us a purpose, they create irritations. Hence it is wise to throw them out, donate or deduct from our lives.


Clutter also arises out of procrastination. More often we look at them, feel tired and decide not to start the decluttering now itself. I always postpone it for holidays. Too bad! It is important to understand that clutter in our physical surrounding will clutter our mind and spirit. Anything you don’t want or use is a clutter. So remove it right now- don’t wait for a suitable time to arrive!

Some quotes will help inspire us to become more organized by removing clutter:

“How many things are there which I do not want” – Socrates

“Happiness is a place between too little and too much” – Finnish Proverb

“The more things you own, the more they own you” Unknown

“When we clear the physical clutter from our lives, we literally make way for inspiration and good, orderly direction to enter”………. Julia Cameron

“Clutter is not just physical stuff. It’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits. It’s anything that does not support your better self” ………………Eleanor Brown

Maybe everything you want is buried under everything you don’t.

Add happiness to your new year resolution- Declutter and Deduct.

Take care. Happy blogging



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