Women Power

An awe-inspiring morning spent in the convocation ceremony of our University with Padma Shri Dr Kamini A. Rao. Seeing and listening to a personality of this calibre and stature left me awestruck. I am very much elated to see a lady who managed home and hospital with equal pace, set up South India’s first infertility clinic, medical director of Milan, won many awards, wrote 50 books and many chapters, journal articles, trained in Kings College, raised successful children and the list never ends. Much more than enough to keep my jaws to drop and eyes wide open!! So much to learn, the widest area a doctor can explore can be known by reading her biodata.

Dr Kamini Rao

I have that passion of watching a successful woman, how she behaves, what her style is, how she speaks and what she speaks. Whether she is a woman herself is promoting/encouraging other women. What is her role to uplift the poor, illiterate women and children? How much is she concerned about the problems of women who are living in a patriarchal society? The role of Dr Rao in inspiring the undergraduate students, the literate women of society is really inspired me. She said rightly that the women in India are not able to fully utilize the opportunities available to them. And I agree with her. We have schools, colleges, universities meant exclusively for women apart from the co-ed Institutions. But all girl children are not sent to school. Even if the ones who get a chance to go to school, discontinue their studies when they reach high schools and colleges. The twenty-first century also witnessed the same fate as the girl children, maybe the number is reduced. Women can participate in sports, dance, music, art, promoting Indian culture, ethics, so many and so forth. The fields where women can contribute to developing the nation are innumerable. A work becomes more glamorous and neat if done by a woman but why are we failing to encourage more women to come in the front line and participate in the important work to build the family, society and ultimately the nation. Why still we are down with female infanticide, uneducation, malnutrition, oppression, violence, hatred, discrimination against women? Why can’t have we women everywhere from Bedroom to boardroom and from the living room to the legislature? This will be possible with developing awareness in society, with aggressive work by a government to uplift women and to include the educated willing women into the work of spreading literacy among poorer section of society. We should not forget that to bring women in the forefront, the support of men is very much needed. The menfolk of villages are illiterate too and they are least bothered about the well being of their partners or their girl children. Men often take women of their life for granted that she would always be there to serve him even if she feels it like hell. The power of women in building the nation never comes in their dreams. Hence educating the society always means the inclusion of it’s all citizens. A family where husband and wife share responsibilities, talk like best friends, raise children together, plan their future meticulously is called an ideal family. A group of ideal families give an ideal society and group of ideal society build a strong nation.

By God’s grace, I had the opportunity to travel long distances in India and abroad. I have experienced all the bits of help provided by the women workers everywhere-in airport, inside flights, in hotels, in tourist places, as tourist guides, in restaurants, as managers, in banks, in postal services, railways, and customs, everywhere. Seeing the women working made me smiled and I wished I could have helped more women to come up in life.

The potential of women must be recognized- sooner is the better. I learnt from Dr Kamini, she could inspire me to write something today. The learning from the greats is always motivating, I love to learn and in that way, this day ends satisfactorily!








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