An ideal student

These days are going really tough and crazy. Being in the teaching profession is always challenging especially when one is the part of a failed system. Yes, you heard it right- a failed education system where a teacher is always blamed for the failure of a student!! I could not find out the specific reasons though, but one of the reasons may be privatisation of the education. In the old days, which can be called as the Golden days of education wherein India produced the brilliants, dealt with the intellectuals, Indians contributed worldwide in the field of Science, Literature, Films, Art and music. Then, a person who was merely a school pass out could recite the famous quotes from “Hamlet” or “Macbeth” or “Julius Ceaser”. They were well versed with the famous writers of India and the world, knew about the famous discoveries and solving Mathematical problems with great ease. The old men were having equal interests in politics, history and economics. But the wonderful part is they didn’t have any internet connections, smartphones or laptops. They knew everything by reading the hard copies, listening to radios and conversing with friends. The educational institutions were few and students had to walk miles together to reach to the schools. Slowly things changed, more schools and colleges came up to help students in the remote places as well as in the cities. More options could help students to go for better Institutions and to choose for their favourite subjects, fields of their interests. Then the growing population demanded more institutions and thus entered the private players. With the advent of emerging technologies came the different modes of entertainment and slowly education took the back seat. The glamorous world of television, film stars, cricket players could divert the attention of students from the lessons of Science and History. Getting a degree to get a job for a regular salary became the motto of young lives. The “knowledge” was ignored over “money and power” and the destruction of the system started knocking on the door, but the ‘knock’ was unheard of. Perhaps no one could manage the time to give a thought to save the system of knowledge dissemination. The result is today’s scenario- blame the teachers for every kind of failures. There is ‘n’ number of theories to guide teachers, but hardly any guidance for becoming an ideal student is available.

Why am I  searching for the ‘should-be’ qualities of a good student and will press for the guidelines implemented to prepare the ideal students?  Reasons are many-

  • An ideal student is an asset to the nation and subsequently for the world.
  • An ideal student spreads the good vibes in the society
  • An ideal student can become a role model for many of his friends
  • An ideal student brings pride and hopes to his family and acquaintances, for his institution
  • He/she can be a good leader, politician, entrepreneur which can ultimately help the nation and its citizens.

What are the qualities to be inculcated by an ideal student?

  • Discipline is the first criteria. A student must be disciplined with his habits, punctuality, doing tasks and regularly attending classes.
  • A student must be a good listener. Teaching is a process of transforming the information. One has to listen to understand the subject described by the teacher
  • After listening and understanding, he should ask questions to teachers for the clarification of any doubts.
  • Gathering extra information from any other sources is also essential to acquire a thorough knowledge of the subject. Visiting library will be of great help.
  • An ideal student not only studies regularly but also takes part in extracurricular activities. He likes to nurture his passion in his spare time.
  • “Ideal” student possesses a strong moral character. He is very humble, modest and polite.  He always keeps patience.
  • An ideal student is ideal for his work and thought. He participates in debates, guides his fellow classmates in the direction, helps friends with studies.
  • One who shows the good qualities during student life becomes popular among friends and teachers, adorable by parents and relatives and slowly wins hearts of everyone who are associated with him
  • A good/ ideal student must have a curious mind, should be able to analyse the complexity of the subjects, take and make notes, systematically makes study schedules before exams and represents answers confidently.
  • He avoids bad company, avoids anything which is waste of time, respects others and himself is respectful, shows the sense of responsibility. A teacher always respects a student who has a sense of responsibility.

If we are failing to make ideal students then the days are not far when we will not have a single ideal citizen. An ideal student can be translated into an ideal teacher, teachers are the part of the education system! A student who has not shown any good quality in his student life cannot become a good teacher. So, instead of going the reverse way of the teacher to student, we must shift our focus to upgrade an ideal student to an ideal teacher. It is the same way to answer a popular question ‘ who is first- egg or chicken’?







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