Almost New Year- What can you do to bring happiness?

It’s  almost New Year. 2000 will be adult, a few hours left. 🙂

Adulthood brings changes, change in behaviour, outlook, understanding responsibility, all come with adulthood. Responsibility includes the personal as well as the public.  When celebrating the New Year eve with family and friends how much sense of responsibility we show? It’s gala time of the year, almost all people on this earth want to greet the new year with utmost happiness. We prefer celebrating staying out, in public places and in hotels and restaurants. Many places like Sydney, London, Berlin, New York will celebrate New Year eve with fireworks which have the potential to injure people. Take precautionary measures when enjoying with the firecrackers. One at a time, no hurry in bursting crackers, protect your eyes while igniting do not lean forward on the cracker, stay away and set alight it. Put a bucket of water nearby. Don’t get too much excited while bursting crackers.


Fireworks in Sydney



Boats are lighted in Sydney on New year eve


Fond of alcohol? Maybe, because you are adult now. This new year is seeing colder degrees and snow in many places, the temperature is well below zero. You must keep yourself warm by wearing appropriate clothes as much cold may cause vasoconstriction leading to death. Alcohol keeps you warmer by dilating the blood vessels and supplying blood to body parts but while doing so, it lowers the core body temperature. This again causes vasoconstriction and death. So, the cold temperature and alcohol, both are damaging to health. Hence, you must be very very careful while celebrating with your friends. Have plenty of fat and carbohydrate-rich food and if possible vitamin pills too, before you consume alcohol, and keep your body warm by wearing warm clothes. Do not neglect. Also, keep watch on your drinks, because new year time sees many crimes. Your drink may get adulterated by pills and you may become vulnerable to crimes. I hope, you understand what I mean.

Then comes drunk driving, drunk walking. How to make sure that you do not become a victim of drunken driving or you do not kill anyone on this happy occasion? Stay safe, keep others safe :). There are the places where new year is greeted with gunshots ( I have heard it, never experienced). It gives me a chilling sensation because anything can happen with guns and alcohols. Avoid such gatherings and stay away or inside your home as the gunshots may cause injuries and death if you are far away but out of four walls.

We can stay inside our homes in this bad, chilling weather conditions and can celebrate the new year with our close family friends with soft music, little dance, good food and controlled drinks. We can have our children with us and they can be taught how to stay safe and enjoy life. I prefer spiritualism too, going to holy places and worshipping God on the New Year day. Or, you can visit a new place which is rich with nature’s beauty, have your food with friends and come back in the evening (if the temperature is not so cold).

I know the New year resolutions are proved to be bogus but what is the harm in promising to your own soul that you will do some good works in this new year!

  • You can promise to take public transport or use carpools most of the time you travel this year. Or, you can cycle, walk to cover short distances to save fuels and create less pollution.
  • you can carry a cloth bags or paper bags whenever you visit a supermarket so that plastics can be avoided.
  • You can do your bit to keep your surrounding clean by searching for a dustbin to throw away the wrappers or cans.
  • You can start composting kitchen wastes, carry your own water bottles instead of buying mineral water every time you travel, you can reduce your requirements so that you do not add solid wastes on this soil, grow more plants, keep your surrounding green, use lesser energy and water.
  • Do little charity works by volunteering for a good cause or donating old books, clothes to the needy.
  • Teach others about environment protection whenever you get a chance and participate in at one such program in the coming year.
  • Educate the street children, the poor about the good values of life, teach paintings, music or dance to poor children.
  • Invest your time in creating new things, pursue a hobby, create best out of waste if you like it. It is better than spending time on social media. Teach your children how to live life without social media, i-phones and i-pads.
  • Try to add to your achievement list this year or at least upgrade one skill for yourself. Take care of your parents, have a good conversation with them often, visit any old age home or orphanage once in the whole year and see how much soul-satisfaction it brings.
  • Declutter your wardrobes and bad habits too. Try. Nothing is impossible if you try honestly. Give away the junks to the needy and donate the money you spend on smoking.
  • fire2
    Let your children play outdoor insted of watching TV or Video games.

So, plenty of things you can do in the coming year. Whatever I have mentioned, you may not a single one, your objective may be something different but do your bit to protect our society, environment and people. Everybody needs help in some way or the other. Spread kindness, love and peace. If you do something with or without planning, I am sure, you will congratulate yourself when you will be looking back to your 2018.

Best of luck to all my readers for the new year 2018.  Have a fruitful and satisfactory year ahead!!

Good Bye 2017.





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