24 years of the wedlock!

Twenty four years have been passed since I committed myself to the virtue of marriage! Have I invited an unexplained problem or fault to my life ( gremlins) by marrying someone completely unknown to me and my family? Should it be called as gremlins?

What is the Indian kind of marriages? Most of the times one has to get married to a person who is from an unknown place, belongs to an unfamiliar family, completely a stranger. Other people decide who is suitable for whom? Here the life of a child is decided by the parents, grandparents and relatives. So, in this scenario, if the two persons get along well, then they make a sweet, secure nest for life and if not then the wedlock is considered as gremlins! Nobody can explain the fallout. Everything becomes very strange and everybody watches the end quietly.

What makes a marriage successful? As I stayed in my marriage for last twenty-four years, I feel, it is very necessary to be mentally prepared for marriage first. Otherwise, you never know when you will feel the gremlins. The following points are so important to make a sustainable nest;

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Adjustments
  • Sacrifices
  • Forgiveness
  • Understanding
  • Silence when needed
  • Compromise
  • Patience
  • Tolerance

Of course, all qualities demand limitedness.


Some quotes keep us going


Being in marriage for a long time with the same person, with same family members, relatives, and friends is not an easy task. People change, so do you. Our priorities change, outlook changes, tastes, physical conditions, monetary conditions, social status, all change with time. Life passes through an unlimited number of ups and downs, mishaps, accidents, hospital visits, achievements, recognition, all go together holding hands. Patience is the keyword to feel happy in every circumstance. Tough indeed. When I look back, I wonder about my journey of life so far, unabated, and unperturbed. I could make my nest where I return every day at the end of the day to feel secure. My cosy bed, my laptop on the desk, a cup of tea, books and the home cooked food keep me happy. I thank the Almighty for all the small and big gifts of my life, for all the sorrows and joy of my life. For the dark, I could feel the bright!









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