My planet needs a hug

How well we are maintaining our planet? I collected some pics from and Huffington Post. Could not resist sharing it with readers.  We should realise what the ‘habit of living in abundance’ is doing to our planet.

A girl stands on the rubbish-strewn beach in Haina in the Dominican Republic. The New York-based non-profit Blacksmith Institute is sending researchers to 80 developing countries to find and assess many of the world’s dirtiest industrial waste sites. The institute recently led a clean-up of a battery site in Haina, in which much of the underlying soil was 35% lead, a pollutant that leads to severe learning disabilities in children
Computer parts lie on the ground at a dump in Accra, Ghana. Thousands of discarded computers arrive here from developed countries, ending up in massive toxic dumps where children burn and pull them apart to extract metals for cash
Farm waste and used pesticide containers pile up in a natural water reserve, which has become an illegal dump, according to environmental group Ecologistas en Accion, in El Ejido, south-east Spain
In this photo released by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, marine debris has been washed ashore on Laysan Island in the Hawaiian Islands
Work in the Garbage Dump, Nicaragua
Nicaraguan kids play in the garbage dump ‘La Chureca’.
Two cow rest while birds fly overhead in search of food at the Managua's municipal garbage dump
Two cows rest while birds fly overhead in search of food at the Managua’s municipal garbage dump, known as “La Chureca” in Nicaragua.
Nigeria Waste To Electricity
Scavengers in Lagos, Nigeria sort out iron and plastic to sell at the Olusosun dump site the city’s largest dump.









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  1. updownflight Avatar

    As horrible as these images are, it is crucial that we all see them and not look the other way. Thank you for such an important post!

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