Ways to Mend a Broken Heart

Very often we come across the stories of broken hearts. These stories are in plenty, teaching us life’s lessons. Everything teaches you something! Right?

Two are in love, deeply most of the time. The relationship grows to make both happy, happier and the happiest at the end. Both forget the world around them, believing the world is made up of them only. Everything becomes beautiful, worth living. Suddenly something goes wrong. Either, one finds the other a cheater, a liar or simply the relationship ends. One moves on very quickly but the other suffers from a broken heart and complaints, tries to convey the message to the world.

The tag line of end of an artificial relationship!! 


I read umpteen number of stories on broken hearts. Due to the internet, people’s lives are like open books. We do know about many incidences where the love is defeated, smashed, cheated, and ridiculed! It surprises me, I feel sad and disgusted about the degrading human quality. It takes lots of courage and patience to get out of a heart break, letting it go and moving on. Sometimes people move towards depression, consequently to addiction and even ends life, which is the worst part of a heart break due to lost love.

Is there any need of a tailor here? Who can mend a broken heart! Yes, the family can play the role of a tailor to boost the confidence of the duped. Or, the friends can help. Just say few words of the positive side of life every day, get engaged in work or hobbies, take up a job and do it passionately, enjoy the love nature spreads everywhere. Practice yoga or gymnastics. This rejuvenates mind and body. Be with friends and family, go for a trip to a new place. Travelling to a new place helps to forget the old memories. New experiences replace the olds, slowly but steadily. Take a voyage through the ocean or be nearer to a mountain. The huge ocean or a huge mountain will expand your thinking, your heart will be broadened. A big heart can forgive anything on this Earth.

Life is a book, comprising of many chapters. We have to move through the chapters. Close one chapter and open a new. Try to move out of the bad as quickly as possible. Be strong and full of energy to tackle all the challenges of life. Smile. Smile and smile, grow a positive attitude for all adverse things.

Positivity is the real Tailor!




3 responses to “Ways to Mend a Broken Heart”

  1. Fortunately Human Avatar

    Positivity….mixed with action…. is the real Tailor!

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    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Yes. Thank you for reading 🙂

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      1. Fortunately Human Avatar

        My pleasure SD….regards…..

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