Creating something every day make life purposeful. What can you create? An idea, convert that idea into realism is creation. Draw and paint with colours, paint, build a machine, construct a house, innovate ideas to help society, create a methodology for easy teaching, do research to prepare a medicine to cure and the list is endless. Imagine the word “create” goes missing from us. There will be no music, no art, no dance, no circus, no sports, no games, no programmings, no new recipes, new items of clothing, no no no….life becomes standstill. Just no life without its creator.

Don’t you feel the most important word is ‘create’?.

I would like to share what I like about creation. I like the weavers and weaves. They are the magical creators on Earth. They create fairy tales with threads. They create colours and designs on the clothes we wear. Blessed are the weavers who keep everyone happy with their creations!

I will share some of the weaves India is lucky to possess…


Ikkat Weave
Bomkai Weave
Kashmiri Pashmina Weave
Lucknow Chikan Kari
create 3
Assam Weaves on Silk
Assam Gamcha Weave
Shikargah Weave
Jamdani Weave

How is the journey through the beautiful and colourful creations?! Hope you liked it.


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