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  • Sunny Ways of Living: Clean energy is need of the hour.

    Sunny Ways of Living: Clean energy is need of the hour.

    The world population is struggling with getting energy every day. The non-renewable sources are depleting as the demand for it is rising. We must have alternate sources of energies like wind, solar, hydro, thermal etc. One more thing which is causing worries is the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, depletion of the ozone…

  • Romanticism Blossomed

    Romanticism Blossomed

    A lazy day began with incessant rain. Nature is pouring out all its agony and pain. Just passed through a hot scorching, torturing summer. With the sun at its full glaze, showing its cruelty at its best. Human life doesn’t know to stop, went out for work every day Without air conditions on, as there…

  • “Taper” is the way of life!

    “Taper” is the way of life!

    The word “Taper” made me think about life’s essentials which have tapered ends and how these things would be sans a tapered end? Funny. I want all of you to think like me! Here I go with my list…….. A man wearing a tie and if the tie has no taper ends? Flame of a…

  • 20 easy ways to practice sustainable living.

    20 easy ways to practice sustainable living.

    The World Environment Day has just passed a few days back. We celebrated it in the best possible ways. Now, we are back to our routine work of destroying this planet. Why don’t we think every day about sustainable living? Why don’t we adopt a lifestyle which gives the scope of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’?…

  • Beautiful Life

    Beautiful Life

    Uniform is beautiful, uniform is cliché-ridden. When there are opposite opinions there is always a clash between these two. In my life, I used to wear a uniform during my school days. but there were fun filled days without uniform in college. I enjoyed my schooldays as all of you might have. Getting up early,…

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