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  • A Candid Thought

    A Candid Thought

    The World today : So many topics to fight among each other forgetting Humanity. Think with a free mind, You will find humanity choked!! Candid

  • A Romantic Thought

    A Romantic Thought

    If you have a camera and you are passionate about photography then you must have captured a pic like this. I am not so much passionate photographer but tried to capture the sunset many times while travelling. The end of the day and start of the night- the evening, is romantic, I feel it has…

  • Loopholes: Law N Love

    Loopholes: Law N Love

    “It is not until you rhyme with a person that makes you their perfect match, it is when you are satisfied with each others peculiarities, and find jewels in their loopholes.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson “The moment you try working on what appears difficult to you, you will start noticing it’s loopholes that you can breakthrough.”…

  • Take Care

    Take Care

    An evening news which shook me and my friends recently was about an abandoned man who used to be our classmate in school. This man as a child was not active, a slow learner. He had problems with orientations while walking and was not able to speak very clearly. When we were at school and…

  • A mild warm hug for the year-end

    A mild warm hug for the year-end

    Let me wish all the readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! This is the beautiful time of the year when all are enjoying a mild weather condition, it’s winter with the lesser cold this time. Some of the parts of the world may be experiencing snowfall, but then snow also brings in a weather to enjoy. Lots…

  • R.I.P – Negativities

    R.I.P – Negativities

    Harmony is the essence of life, it brings peace all around. The very existence of this planet depends on the extent of harmony shown by all its creatures, let it be a microorganism but it can disturb the lives to live peacefully. The harmonic existence of the human beings can lead to the much shouted peaceful world…

  • An unfinished Business- You and I

    An unfinished Business- You and I

    Have you fallen in love with anyone whom you can not have in reality? Love can be a virtual affair too, how many of you agree? In our lifetime we fall in love many times- with other human beings and what torn our hearts and minds apart is the desired love very often converts into…

  • Is there any miraculuous way out?

    Is there any miraculuous way out?

    It is quite some time, I am feeling perturbed by the unpleasant incidents happening around. It is about the safety of the girl children and women. The incidents of rape and murder of women are on the rise and we are not able to do anything about it. Every time it is the victim who…

  • The ‘clutch’ of consumerism

    The ‘clutch’ of consumerism

    The stories roaming around the corners nowadays are mostly about the crimes committed by teenagers or minors. I am getting perturbed by this kind of news as I am directly related to the young generation as a mentor. A few days back we had to deal with an incident where a senior student stabbed a…

  • Life revolves around…..

    Life revolves around…..

    My Life revolves around– What I prefer to believe?—- Human Compassion What I prefer to remember?—–Happy Moments What I prefer to forget?—–Failures What I prefer to discuss?—–Progress What I prefer to Read?—–Enlightening thoughts What I prefer to eat?—-Nutritious food What I prefer to wear?—Ethnic Dresses Which activities I prefer?—-Good sleep. What I prefer to admire?—Achievements…

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