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  • 15 points resolutions for 2021

    15 points resolutions for 2021

    Life is short. Live it following your resolutions of life. feel satisfied when you leave this world.

  • Easy recipes for Christmas and New Year.

    Easy recipes for Christmas and New Year.

    It’s Merry Christmas day! It is also food lover’s day. Actually, winter brings in the cosy homely atmosphere when people prefer to stay at home due to severe cold outside. Most of the places in the world celebrate holiday season- either it is declared holidays or it is the time to spend all your accumulated…

  • Savoury kiwi bites

    Savoury kiwi bites

    This kiwi season I tasted this fruit for the first time yesterday. The fruits were gifted by one of our close friends and I was clueless what to do with them! Then why the internet is for? How Google helps us? Amazing modern technology helped me a lot. And my experimentation with the awesome kiwi…

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