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  • Does Hi-Tech cause Hi-Stress?

    Does Hi-Tech cause Hi-Stress?

    Going high tech obviously causes high stressful life as most of the professionals are now forced to work for more hours than usual, there is no definite time to unplug. This problem must be addressed by the employers and the stakeholders of the society.

  • Turmeric and Covid 19

    Turmeric and Covid 19

    How to grow your immunity? Know by reading this article. Fight against covid 19.

  • The year 2020

    The year 2020

    Life is a journey of never-ending discovery. Everyday comes with a new surprise or a new experience. We cope up with the new beginnings, new ideas or new style of living. The year 2020 is such a year which forced us to adopt the new living style. We are forced to stay indoor, almost the…

  • Death- Unbearable truth

    Death- Unbearable truth

    Death is a mystery, unavoidable. How about if it knocks your door before arriving? The uncertainty of death is much more painful, unbearable. How to come out of this predicament of life?

  • The woes of migrant laborers

    The woes of migrant laborers

    The human civilization is passing through the worst kind of crisis. The war against an unseen enemy is never easy to win. If we look back and search in History, we can see only once, maybe, we suffered like this during Spanish flu in 1918 and which lasted almost for two years. Now it is…

  • Spend these Quarantine days wisely.

    Spend these Quarantine days wisely.

    Never knew what quarantine is. Never needed to be quarantined. How astonishing the time is for all of us. Mankind, everyone was too busy to find any time to mingle with others, too busy to visit family, friends, needy poor. Too busy people were working for the well being of mankind! too busy a man…

  • Solid Waste Management -Landfills

    Solid Waste Management -Landfills

    What are wastes? Substances or objects which are disposed of or are intended to be disposed of or are required to be disposed of by the provisions of the law. Disposal Means- Any operation which may lead to resource recovery, recycling, reclamation, direct reuse or alternative uses. Classifications of wastes according to their origin and…

  • Happy Mother’s Day

    Happy Mother’s Day

    Protect the mother of all mothers- the planet Earth. Respect her abundance and beauty. Respect her clam and patience. It is our utmost duty to see that the destruction stops, more and more people join the drive of saving the climate and the planet. Let us take a pledge today to initiate a cultural change…

  • Practice Peace

  • Best Practices.

    NAAC has provided 100 points to Innovations and Best Practices (Criteria VII) in overall assessment and accreditation of a college. Best practices are those which are exercised on a regular basis within the campus premises to add value to human life and support the mission and vision accomplishments of  an institution. Best practices of an…

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