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  • Early birds or night owls- it’s about Me-Time.

    Early birds or night owls- it’s about Me-Time.

      An early bird- Gets up early to nurture his/her inner wishes May be having a cup of tea/coffee in the the calm with a book/newspaper with light music on Writing poems, fiction, articles, managing blog site having a walk in the garden, watching birds, enjoying the cool morning and the greenery around Watching the…

  • Prevent suicide- help the hurt

    Prevent suicide- help the hurt

    You might feel as if someone betrayed your trust. Maybe your loved one lied to you about something big or small, maybe you are cheated, maybe you are ignored by your family, maybe your opinion did not matter, maybe you are denied your right, you felt disrespected, maybe something else hurt you. What do you…

  • Defeat HURT-Ways to healing

    Defeat HURT-Ways to healing

    Nothing hurts more than being ignored, replaced, forgotten, lied to, talked about, hated, made fun of. Intentionally or accidentally, we all have hurt someone in our life and also got hurt by someone else. Love and hurt are part of life.  These are intrinsic human traits that we are emotional by nature and unable to…

  • Forgive to heal

    Forgive to heal

    Forgiving is never easy. It needs the heart to be the kindest, mind to be the richest. Hurt doesn’t come easily. The other person could become ruthlessly uncivilised to hurt a person who is comparatively softer and kinder. Life takes to many kinds of people- some are the wisest, kindest and ‘friends forever’ kind and…

  • Life is a puzzle-set it right: Resolution

    Life is a puzzle-set it right: Resolution

    Deep down, every person wish to achieve something great in his life, even if he is afraid of admitting it in public. Can I express my wish of becoming the richest woman of this world in public? I will be designated as a paranoid for sure. So what do I do? I keep quiet and…

  • Decluttering – New year Resolution

    Decluttering – New year Resolution

    Minimalism, it seems,is thriving in this land of excess. In a culture where abundance is hailed, richness is dazzling to hurt the hearts and heaving wardrobes are proudly displayed, “less is more” is perhaps like an oasis. This year I have decided not to buy unnecessary things, clothes, books, decorative items. I will pretend as…

  • Aim of life

    Aim of life

    Some people dream of success and others remain awake for it. That is the difference between an organized and aimless life. You want to be successful? First set your goal right and work to achieve it. It is always your willpower to achieve success which will drive you. The enthusiasm within you is the key.…

  • Great goals make great people

    Great goals make great people

    Great goals make great people. Set your aim. Plan your life. Make a beautiful society. Teach the youth. Youth is future of nation. Make every citizen responsible to build a great nation. This article is about the importance of having an aim of life.

  • How to make the new year fruitful?-Different beliefs.

    How to make the new year fruitful?-Different beliefs.

    The new year has arrived to remind us 365 days are gone by, what we did on all those days? Serious people made a chart of happenings in the year passed by. Enlisting the activities month wise is really helpful. It helps you to judge yourself as how much you have progressed- what are your…

  • Twenty resolutions for the new year-2019

    Twenty resolutions for the new year-2019

    “Hope Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Whispering…… ‘it will be happier’…”  ― Alfred Lord Tennyson New Year day brings nothing- that’s true. It doesn’t change anything, our lives go on in usual ways. We can’t change our past, it remains there. The memories last forever- the sorrows peep in time and again.…

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