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  • Trace contaminants in our environment

    Trace contaminants in our environment

    Trace contaminants in our environment create health hazards, awareness among people is needed. Hence, this blog post will help to generate environmental protection awareness.

  • Holiday’s Ruminations

    Holiday’s Ruminations

    feel happy by celebrating festivals

  • Does Hi-Tech cause Hi-Stress?

    Does Hi-Tech cause Hi-Stress?

    Going high tech obviously causes high stressful life as most of the professionals are now forced to work for more hours than usual, there is no definite time to unplug. This problem must be addressed by the employers and the stakeholders of the society.

  • Restructure Society

    Restructure Society

    It is the time we think about the changing human behaviour, work in the direction to uplift the mental health of each person to develop a beautiful world worth living. Please start working.

  • Love yourself- Pandemic lessons

    Love yourself- Pandemic lessons

    “Ask no questions and you will be told no lies ” as said by Charles Dickens. How true is this quote in this present era? I just wonder hoe the genius predict the things well ahead of time! Its hardly 50 years now that I came to this world and grew up. Always taught honesty…

  • Happy Mother’s Day ??

    Happy Mother’s Day ??

    In India, thousands of migrant labourers are walking to reach their home amidst the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. The social media is flooded with the video clippings, pictures and the news of deaths of the labourers in different places due to different circumstances. The horrifying news making us speechless, the tears in the…

  • COVID 19- my morning thoughts

    COVID 19- my morning thoughts

    We always claimed that we have progressed. We are invincible, so was searching for life in other planets. We were talking about space tourism. We were so busy to forget our own children, parents, friends and family. Children longed for the parents love but parents were busy in their own work. Or, children didn’t make…

  • Spend these Quarantine days wisely.

    Spend these Quarantine days wisely.

    Never knew what quarantine is. Never needed to be quarantined. How astonishing the time is for all of us. Mankind, everyone was too busy to find any time to mingle with others, too busy to visit family, friends, needy poor. Too busy people were working for the well being of mankind! too busy a man…

  • How women can stay safe- few tips.

    This morning woke up with the news of a police encounter where all the four rapists of a  veterinary doctor were killed by the police. I felt happy and along with me many citizens heaved a sigh of relief. Many questioned the act of police too. May be the incident is questionable but at the…

  • Stop rape!Ways to grow Healthy Minds- Societal Responsibilities.

    Stop rape!Ways to grow Healthy Minds- Societal Responsibilities.

    The incidents of violence against women in India, nowadays has crossed the limit of tolerance and patience. The recent rape cases reported in media are highly disturbing as the age of the victims falls in the range of 7-32. All most all age girls are reported to be raped by many men. Are these reports…

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