Covid 19 and the middle class India

The rich are those who play to win.

The middle class plays not to lose.

These pandemic days are becoming tougher for the middle class of India. The telephonic conversations between friends from any corner of the country are singing the same songs- that is the financial status of the middle class in the current situation. The lower income group is getting supports from social groups as well as from Govt support though it seems it is not enough. The wealthy have taken this as an opportunity to amass more wealth with various upcoming projects – investing in production of various equipments and needs the pandemic demands. But for the middle class, there is no hope peeping out of any corner. The strength of Indian economy, culture, values and progress has fallen in the danger zone with the strike of the pandemic but is anybody bothered? Most of the middle class families depend on the jobs or small scale buissnesses. There are people who already lost their jobs and struggling to survive respectfully. The hospitalizations and medicines have taken away their savings too and now many are depending on the helps from other family members. Many shops are closed for many months which has added anxiety and despair.

The beauty of the middle class citizens are that their educated minds showed patience against governmental negligence for long years. Middle class knew its own struggle and survived all odds to achieve its own goals. Middle class people are dreamers- they dream for good education, respect Indian values, protect Indian culture. Their cumulative progress adds to the progress of the country. But, now, this shy progressive class is just forgotten by the entire nation. Shy- as they are quiet about their own distress, they were never vocal to get their rights.

Middle class is paying taxes, electric bills, EMIs, hospital bills. school and college fees quietly during this hard time as there is no respite. There are families who stopped all kinds of spendings except the food they eat. Many have left rented houses and staying together in parental homes- thank God they have one! All kinds of celebrations are stopped even arranging for a birthday cake for children is now luxury. Many teachers have lost jobs as many schools are closed. Many hotels and restaurants are not running fully, the employees are almost out of job. The lockdown stories are many and interesting.

“I have to live for others and not for myself;

that’s the middle class morality.”

………………..George Bernard Shaw


India is a huge country with huge population. So every household has a story to tell. The brunt of sufferings, losing near and dear ones are plenty alongwith job losses. Imagine the people who did not liked their jobs, resigned and started a new buisness with all savings to see the buisness getting closed after two months due to lockdown. What such men are doing? How are they managing their families? Imagine many teachers and Professors who finds their institutions closed in fine morning. Where do they go to earn their livelihoods? Yes, I read these stories in different news sites and I thank God that still now I am not jobless! So do my many freinds especially those in IT industries. We have heart to heart discussions almost every evening and we feel sorry for the people who are in distress. We feel helpless.

This pandemic and its lockdowns taught us many lessons. We did not knew about it, never prepared ourselves. Our lives were so beautiful in the securities of jobs, good schools, good colleges, music and dance classes, art and craft trainings, in pizza huts, in cocktail parties, in movie theatres, in parks and picnics, in tours and travels, in books and buisnesses, in sarees and jeans, in kurtas and suits, in golds and silvers, in Duserras and Diwalis, in Eids and Christmas- all lost to a tiny virus!

Now, we, the middle class fear to DREAM!!

3 thoughts on “Covid 19 and the middle class India

  1. You have hit the nail on the head Swastika… Yes it is the middle class which is suffering silently again..the class which runs the nation, the class which generates taxes has been let down. Single owner businesses have closed down..people are finding it difficult to make ends meet..
    Stay blessed always 🙏💕


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