Work from home- adopt the new normal.

The world of work is going through a transition during this pandemic. Work from home has become the new normal which the employees and the employers have adopted for last one year. The acceptance of this work culture seems to be gone down well through the employees in the IT sector, teaching and commerce. From my own experince, I have come across my family and friends who are into work from home since the first wave of covid. Many children who had to leave their hometown for their career growth are now united with their old parents staying in other cities in the remote places in the country. What can be more satisfying than this? One of my nephew and his wife had sold all his belongings in a metro city and returned to his parents who are old and staying alone. The opportunity of working from home had united the family members and now they are so happy, confident and working more for their organisatins. Both my nephew and his wife are the only child of their parents. Simlar stories are there for my friends who are in IT companies and were founding it tough to balance between work and home. The middle aged women who had their children grown up are now found solace in working from home as they have now the opportunity to relax at home while working. The young life has seen lots of chaos, tensions while keeping the children , family memebers happy while going to office on time. Now that they grew some or other disease like high blood pressure, sugar and thyroid due to highly stressed lifestyle, the work from home has brought them solace. If a survey could have done on these middle aged men and women, I am sure that the researchers will find some positive results of lower sugar and blood pressure. So its time to rethink and redesign the working styles for the employees in different sectors. I agree that for all sectors, work from home may not be possible but there is no harm to do research to change lifestyles to add value to our environment.

Let us talk about the benefits of working from home during the most chaotic time of the a pandemic when everyone is focussed to avoid the virus. Staying at home gives them the opportunity to take care of their health, family’s health and hygiene. Many are depending on e-commerce to get their stuff including medicines and milk and vegetables without going out. Now they have plenty of time to schedule their time for house hold work, cooking, relaxing and working for office. The time to commute to office is saved which can be as minimum as half an hour to as maximum of two hours a day or may be more. The traffic at the roads are definitely reduced to add values to environmental cleanliness. The fuel for the vehicles are saved, the electricity and water expenses at the office premises are saved boosting conservation of natural resources. The second wave of the pandemic has attacked the Indians in every ways, physically and economically. Since the citizens were unaware of the attack , the government had failed to alert its citizens and the tension of economical wellbeing of all had allowed the virus to become this deadly. The shortge of drugs, oxygen , hospital beds had made the cacophony complete. In this scenario the work from home practice must be encouraged and taken to be very seriously. At least , some responsible people will not come out from home , will be at a safer zone of their home reducing the burdens on the hospitals. The family members of such employees will get the support and care of each other to feel relaxed in this difficult time while the businesses and work will continue online without affecting the economy.

The work from home practice for educational institutions are also very important as this sector needs may be the largest number of people commuting everyday from one place to other in different kinds of vehicles. By closing the institutions during pandemic will see less crowd at roads and more population at homes. The online teaching will help the teachers and students to be engaged for whole day, thereby reducing the unnecessary ventures taken by young students to roam out. The online teaching – learning process need to be designed to make it more effective though. The current problem is in the net connectivity, dearth of proper gadgets for students and teachers, dearth of a quiet corner at every household as learning always needs a meditative environment. Both the teaching community and the student community are puzzled over online teaching and its effectiveness but I feel that a proper guidance will help this sector to grow tremendously. The online examination process has to be improved with the help of IT companies and the proper thoughts in this direction can help students to learn from home in a better way to get promoted to next class with proper evaluation. We must keep in mind that the pandemic is going to stay here and the youth must be properly educated. The habit of getting promoted without hard work may produce a bunch of lazy and insincere citizens. We must focus on producing assets and not liabilities.

The reseach on this kind of transition from offline to online must be done quickly to cope up with any kind of adverse situations- with or without pandemic. Digitization of the every corner of the country is as much as necessary as the vaccination of the huge population. By ignoring the environmental crisis which has been piled up day by day , we have reached to a state of no return, the scarcity of oxygen everywhere might have taught us lessons unlimited. The scarcity of oxygen and pure water has crippled the society- but how many of us realise it? May the realisation come soon through campaigning and let the citizens find alternate ways of living to create less burden on nature. Change is the only constant and let us all adopt the change to set the new normal.

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