15 points resolutions for 2021

We are ageing constantly as the time is passing fast- minute by minute. We do not have the capability of caging time in a moment. Then what should we do?

Use your time properly- make resolutions.


  1. Relationship- Do not allow your ego to flourish while you are in a relationship. Try to understand your partner, work on the development of mutual trust and respect, be sensitive. Try to remain happy at the end.

2. Growth- Of course growth should be the main focus. When we reach at the end of the journey, we count our growth in every field. If your children become successful- that’s the growth for you.

3. Connection- Get connected with your kind of people- make friends. Grow your connections as it adds up to your growth societal or financial.

4. Career- You must focus on your career. Be positive as the time through which we passing is the worst. Take proper care and never allow the negativity to pitch into your mind. Get busy with your career development.

5. Intention- Come what may, your intention must be honest, true and motivating. A positive intention creates a positive outcome. A powerful intention gives a powerful outcome. When we act with good intention- our souls never regret- Remember that.

6. Love- The most powerful word to be focused on. Love can create a beautiful place to live in. Very often, we want to reach to ‘heaven” at the end. Heaven symbolizes a loving place- but in reality we do not practice LOVE- think about it. Try to love more.

7.Health- Health is your real wealth. So do not neglect your health issues. Exercise, drink plenty of water and have good nutritious food. Take care.

8. Money- Money matters- at least this pandemic era has taught us this lesson. So earn and save.

9. Self care- Help others but not at the cost of your happiness. If you are happy and healthy, you can take care of others.

10. Creation- Focus on your creative powers. Create wonders- be it art, science or music- try creating new thing so that at the end of year , you can feel satisfied.

11. Passion- Pamper your passion- we have never seen tomorrow. Learn music, dance, play golf or badminton, or put colors on your canvas. Write poems or post blogs-

12. Family- The people we love the most are in our family. We are replaceable at our workplace but we are not replaceable in our family. So, in this year and from now on, try to create lovely memories with your family members.

13. Lessons- Life’s lessons may be harsh – try remembering them, learn from them.

14. Change- Change your bad habits into good. Good habits into better but change yourself for growth and satisfaction.

15. Gratitude- At the end of everyday, express gratitude. Be grateful to God that you are alive, doing well, having food and shelter, you are with your loving family.

If over the months and years, we spend our days in meaningful ways, following our resolutions to achieve our dreams, then at the end of life, we will feel satisfied and can leave this world peacefully.




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