The year 2020

Life is a journey of never-ending discovery. Everyday comes with a new surprise or a new experience. We cope up with the new beginnings, new ideas or new style of living. The year 2020 is such a year which forced us to adopt the new living style. We are forced to stay indoor, almost the whole world has seen the ‘ lock-down’ , experienced the time when there wasn’t any scope to go out for a long drive, for a holiday/ birthday bash or to live as per own wish. The year has seen people to struggle for life, for food, for medicine, for basic amenities. What a horrible year it was where the poor suffered the most, walked miles after miles to reach home! There are incredible number of stories to depict the plight and fight of poor people amidst the corona virus lock down.

This month of December makes us to look back to the entire year. We retrospect about our progress during a whole year. An year brings us joys and sorrows. But the year 2020 is something different to be remembered as a horrific year. Nobody knows from where the virus surfaced, whom to blame for this pandemic but everyone suffered in silence, behind the closed door. The world has seen the slowdown, the pros and cons of the slowdown, analysed the benefits of the slowdown as well to remain positive. Come what may, we must seek the positive aspect of it. May be the rush on the roads are mitigated, the rush for wealth creation is mitigated, the pollution is curbed, the importance of good hygiene is understood. May be we have learnt how to boost our immunity power, how to wash our hands effectively, how to store food and spend it wisely, may be we have learnt value of money. With the precious lives are lost due to virus, we could understand the value of being alive, the value of staying healthy. We have learnt the value of time and spent it wisely by nurturing our passions, we have understood that we live only once to do whatever we like. So, the routine works to create wealth were kept aside and we were inclined to art, music, dance and paintings. What a lively time we spent indoors by cooking savoury foods, enjoying good movies, reading good novels. Life should take a pause to dig into the beauty of it ! The experience we have gained in the year 2020 will remain in our heart and mind for a long time. For them, who lost their near and dear ones or the people who has faced the brunt of the virus, will definitely not cherish this year. The people who have escaped the virus contamination will remember the year as a struggling time of their lifetime. Whatever it is, this year was for each and everyone to tell a story, to write a story. Wish to have a better time ahead!

I will come back with my experiences in 2020 soon.

Till then- STAY SAFE.






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    Kusal Das

    Excellent write up

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