Death- Unbearable truth

In the quest of life, we understand death. A person vanishes, suddenly, without giving a hint, without keeping a note, without alerting the loved ones or without any preparation of the life which follows after death. A death is must for life, that is the end of a life of any number of years, that death is inevitable. I experienced death of my loved ones so many times. The deaths which often made me to think that the supreme power is cruel as he does not allow some people to live life to the fullest. The people who die aren’t bad people, rather they had so many dreams but God makes those dreams to remain unfulfilled. The joy of life abruptly ends for not only the deceased but for the whole family.

In whatever way it strikes- the accidents, suicide, murder, martyrdom, professional hazards, illness- death is a real shocker! The person leaves for the other side of the world, never to return. That feeling of ‘lost forever’ makes the mind completely cynical! The incidents of this kind of deaths are plenty- perhaps each home can tell a story of terrible loss.

When a child is born, there is a preparation in the family. The pregnant mother and her loved ones get so much of time to welcome the new member. Sometimes a new baby can be a much awaited one, sometimes the baby is a royal whom everyone wants to see. The new baby- whether rich or poor gets attention. But what about death? The contrasting phenomenon of birth is so painful, so unbearable. Why the death doesn’t knock at the door like birth? Why the death arrives so quickly, so uncertainly? That part is unbearable. death of an old age person also sometimes keeps many works undone, many dreams unfulfilled. A person dies- a family mourns, sometimes the entire nation mourns or the whole world mourns. When a tremendously intelligent, multi talented person’s life comes to an abrupt end- the entire community becomes standstill. Like, when the multi talented actor like Sushant Singh Rajput died – the nation was shocked. The young, energetic, handsome, rich, visionary died- committed suicide. That was an abrupt end of the life without acknowledging anyone. But when he was born- the event was a much awaited one! The quest for the event called Death may remain as a mystery forever.

Those we love , don’t go away. They walk beside us everyday.







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