Restructure Society

How I say how much am I disturbed by the news which are pouring in for last few days? The things are turning all negative amidst the fear of COVID- 19. The virus has taken a toll on this planet’s human beings and as if that wasn’t enough of the happenings. The news of George Floyd, the black man ( so to say) died in the worst way possible which can be called as a racial abuse. Every life must live with dignity, every life is precious for the family and the friends, may not be for the government. A person can do mistake, but that doesn’t mean the punishment procedure takes his life away! What a shame for human civilization! Why the policemen behave this way? Why the police has not thought to punish the person in more dignified manner? Why so much of anger, so much of hatred for the fellow human being? What makes a person to become so hateful and jealous? Is it his upbringing or the surrounding environment of the society where he belongs to? The incident happened and may be this is one incident of its kind, but it reflects the society’s mindset. It sis clear that the “Racism” exists in the mighty state of America and the people are practicing it. The hateful mindset of the people, the negativeness of the people, the jealousy in the heart accumulates for long time and one day it bursts out! Exactly this has happened with the policemen and the victim of the anger was George Floyd. Disturbing indeed! Let all of us pray for the betterment of the human minds. Let all of us become good human being for the sake of humanity.

Another incident where an elephant was fed one pineapple filled with firecrackers!! The poor animal died, the fetus also died. The horrific incident is still getting shared by many users of social media , but, the question is , why this happened? Why the people have become so cruel??Should we think about the introduction of Moral Science in school curriculum? Should we slow down to practice yoga and meditation to keep ourselves peaceful and calm? What can be the solutions to rectify the erroneous behavior of the human beings? It is the time we think about the changing human behavior, work in the direction to uplift the mental health of each person to develop a beautiful world worth living. Please start working.

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