The woes of migrant laborers

The human civilization is passing through the worst kind of crisis. The war against an unseen enemy is never easy to win. If we look back and search in History, we can see only once, maybe, we suffered like this during Spanish flu in 1918 and which lasted almost for two years. Now it is covid 19 and we are clueless about the enemy yet. It is like if you find a solution, then some new kind of trouble arises as this virus is highly mutative. So a vaccine is nowhere in picture and we have to do our work to feed our mouth.

In between so many worries, woes occurred to the poor community of the citizenry. Many stories cropped up since India undergone lock-down in March 22. The poor labors who migrated to the big and densely populated cities to earn their livelihood fell in the dangerous period of their lifetime. The small sheds or huts where they used to spent the night became their living place for the whole day. With all family members, the space of their shacks were less than enough to sit and sleep. The sudden closure neither allowed them to go to their native place nor allowed them to go to their work to earn their food. There wasn’t any social security or mental counselling in place for them. When the numbers are in crores, then no body understands how to play or manage that number! It is quite natural that the declaration of the lock-down due to pandemic made everyone selfish. Every person was busy in stocking food, maintaining hygiene and sanitation. Who could thought about the ignorant class of the society? Slowly, these people became impatient, the financial insecurity gripped their minds, the fear of the contagious virus reminded them about their near and dear ones back home. It is human nature that when we are too busy with work, we forget our family or hardly we speak to them but when the fear of death engulfs we go back to the childhood, the golden period of our life and somehow that place pulls us with an unseen strength. The pull is just like a magnet and iron piece attracting each other!

The migrants started walking. The destination home, the smell of the soil of their own land, those earthen pots, those chullahs, those green fields, that small village river, the beautiful nature of the village surroundings, the calm and simple village pulled them up, gave them strength. They walked and walked, miles after miles,desperate and not fearful about the death! So NATURAL, but we surprised.

On the way, several hugged covid 19, several hugged death. Two young children lost their parents while the father was cycling to reach home with all family members on the cycle. Several died in accidents,on the railway tracks, on the roads , with the collision of the vehicles. Many could not sustain the hunger, suffered dehydration. Few laborers were so panicked that they jumped into the well and ended their lives. One girl drove her father on a cycle rickshaw, crossed more that thousand kilometres and got the applaud from society. How funny was the applaud!

Now the latest is the video I shared with you all. A little child is trying to wake his mother up without knowing that she is gone forever. How this video is not heart- touching? Why the stories of migrants do not shake our conscious? Why the plight of migrant workers do not reach to our souls? Why we wait to see that Godly child who wants his mother to woke up? Why the actions were not taken before this could happened? Why this video do not get any response from International community?

The answer is not known but we understand that there is lack of kindness around, selfishness engulfed the society. The world has perhaps become an insensitive place where, again, money and wealth rules. The migrant laborers are part of the citizenry who could not find a livelihood in their own state. They suffered in their own motherland and obviously the step mother doesn’t look after the child well. Proved. Hence the woes began.

The society forgot that the laborers are the real architect of the nation. They build, people use the building. They see that we dint live in darkness, they see that we should get the food, for them we could crossed the rivers, flew up in the sky, went deep down into the sea. We have the hospitals, and the shopping mall. How the society forgets that their hard work and their dedication prospers the nation? The genius has ideas but the LABOR changes that idea into reality.






2 responses to “The woes of migrant laborers”

  1. krish Avatar

    Migrants plight has caught everyone’s imagination…but hardly one thought of them.when the pandemic started and lockdown was declared…Lack of planning and emotional understanding has caused hardships to many and avoidable loss of lives . ..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Yes exactly. I agree with you. Thanks for reading.


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