Happy Mother’s Day ??

In India, thousands of migrant labourers are walking to reach their home amidst the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. The social media is flooded with the video clippings, pictures and the news of deaths of the labourers in different places due to different circumstances. The horrifying news making us speechless, the tears in the eyes are forgetting to roll out over the cheeks, maybe due to the unutterable shock, it brings in. In between passes the ” Happy Mother’s Day” once again flooding the social media with beautiful quotes, images, cute mom-child pair pics. The human beings join in the celebration, quite inhumanely but unknowingly that the act is inhumane when you forget to include all mothers on this Earth. Mothers from all strata of life aren’t happy- they are bearing the brunt of social inequalities every day. The mothers are malnourished, abused, mentally agonised, worried about food and shelter for their families. The lockdown of the pandemic has seen the rise in cases of domestic violence as well. I have come across a story yesterday that a mother in North Bengal area of India has killed her child and then committed suicide as she could not find out a way to get food. She felt too shy to ask for help from the government ration supply system and end her and her child’s life. Horrifying indeed. Sad indeed.

The mothers are on the roads- carrying luggage, carrying the small babies on their shoulders and arms or in their wombs. But they are still smiling ( the video I have shared was collected from FB).

Mothers do not cry. They tolerate with smiling face. Come what may- but these mothers do not complain. And maybe, this is the reason- the most adorable mothers are forgotten on this occasion of the auspicious day- The Happy Mother’s Day.




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