COVID 19- my morning thoughts

We always claimed that we have progressed. We are invincible, so was searching for life in other planets. We were talking about space tourism. We were so busy to forget our own children, parents, friends and family. Children longed for the parents love but parents were busy in their own work. Or, children didn’t make out time to take care of their parents. We were working hard 24/7. We were rushing through streets having the least sense of creating humongous pollution of the environment. Those unnecessary travels and tours, the outings to have fun, the beach crowd, the mountain expeditions, exploring the world in luxurious cruises- all are making least sense now.

On the contrary, we now have no medicine stock to treat the patients, no vaccines, no protective gears for health care professionals, no masks for the doctors, nurses and the populace for that matter, no perfect guidelines for what are the things to be done at this period of crisis- lockdown or no lockdown- we are dwindling of ideas! How poor people will survive when they have no earnings? How should we manage our food resources? My morning news showed that people in the UK are now remaining hungry for a whole day! People in Italy, who survived the menace of this virus now have no food to eat. They are calling the helplines. Army base of the USA is the worst affected by COVID 19. The most powerful country in the world and one of the richest where people never switched off the lights are feeling helpless- begging medicines, ventilators, PPE(personal protective equipment) from other countries! I never thought in my life that I will have to witness this helpless kind of plight for the mighty USA.  Now we have no place in the graveyard, no coffin to bury the deceased whether it is in Italy, USA or UK. The morning news has shown how the dead bodies are wrapped in cardboard boxes and buried. Maybe in another few days and we will not have those boxes too.

Vaccine for  the virus  is an illusion 

An invisible virus has shown us the mirror, bring us down to our knees.
Alas! The humans-what have you achieved?
Where is your wealth about which you were boasting so much?
Where are your ego and pride? Vanished in the air like soap bubbles. Take the lessons gifted to you by nature and the Supreme Lord. Learn to respect every creature of this planet including that tiny mighty virus. Respect nature. Stop boasting about your supremacy, your invincibility.

Start to restructure society and thereby the world.




2 responses to “COVID 19- my morning thoughts”

  1. Tanima Shome Avatar
    Tanima Shome

    So beautifully written!! Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Thank you so much for commenting.


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