Stop rape!Ways to grow Healthy Minds- Societal Responsibilities.

The incidents of violence against women in India, nowadays has crossed the limit of tolerance and patience. The recent rape cases reported in media are highly disturbing as the age of the victims falls in the range of 7-32. All most all age girls are reported to be raped by many men. Are these reports not showing us the real face of the Indian society where the moral values and ethics have touched the bottom line?

Is anyone thinking??

Yes, of course people are thinking, discussing , expressing their anguish, suggesting the ways to punish the culprits, but all in vain as there exists a weak judicial system and political unwillingness to find out a solution of this problem.

But, then, should the citizens remain inactive to wipe out this menace of violence against women? No, of course not. Hence here I go to present my opinion to guide the parents about how to inculcate good values to their sons? I would like to request the readers to think as me or post your opinions too and if you find this article helpful then please share it in social media.

We must understand the underlying reasons of increasing number of young population with no concrete ambition or the youth who are distracted. One of the reasons is failing parents/ ignorant parents/ illiterate parents. India is a country where there is a huge gap between the rich and poor and the middle class. The problems with the poor are manifold- they are illiterate, struggling all the time to earn their livelihood, many are homeless with young children, no education or schooling for poor children. When the poor adult and children are deprived of the basic societal privileges, the frustration grows leading to distractions, criminal activities, domestic violence, rude behavior etc.  In the middle class society, we have varieties of parents- some parents are overconscientious about their children’s success thereby making the child tired and frustrated. Some parents are too busy in earning money that they have no time to look after their children. Some are earning so much to reach the ‘rich” level that they are spoiling their children with overspending and a superficial lifestyle. The rich class is busy in solving their own problems, but most of the time their children are getting attention and the privileges to lead a good life.

Looking through the problems of different classes, it is well understood that the poor people are at risk as there is neither any guideline for the poor parents regarding “parenting” nor do they have any privilege to have one. How many organisations are working on the direction to improve the conditions of poor children? Are the street children or the underprivileged children getting proper schooling and education? The answer is definitely NO.

Yes, we all know the basic problem lies in illiteracy or lack of proper education.

Education does not mean only the textbooks, reading, writing question answers to score good marks. The basic skills of reading, writing, understanding concepts and presenting  them in the form of answers will develop when a child attends school. This skill is very much needed as at the end of this skill development the person will be called as “literate”. But the overall personality development or to become a “good human being first” needs somethings more. It includes a sense of discipline, responsibility, an aesthetic sense, being emotional, creative, well mannered, sensitive, respectful to others, honest and so on and so forth. Development of all these skills need the helpful hands of the teachers, professors and the parents. Rather the parents are the first who can instill these values to their children and the schools and colleges can reinforce it. A child need to learn either music or painting to become emotional and creative. The music gives us joy, peace and a feeling of contentment. A child at the very young age must be exposed to music to understand the beats and lyrics. Remembering the lyrics will enhance the memory power and understanding the beats will enhance the mathematical skills. A child may sing songs or play am instrument- but the hidden talent must be recognized by parents first!! When a child is learning something extra apart from his textbook lines, he will have to devote time for it. To become perfect in sports, music, dance and  paint the child must practice and then perform on stage or in playground. Performing in front of everyone will give him courage, sense of responsibility, sense of discipline and the most importantly it will take his time. he will be busy for the creative work which otherwise would have been spent in watching pornography or playing unnecessary games or any other kinds of distractions. Growing up with two hobbies like music/ dance and painting/ sports will consume the energy of the young child so that no energy remains to run  the devil’s  workshops. We must design the school and college curriculum to accommodate all the extra curricular activities and make it mandatory for each student to take up one along with sports. The choices can be sports/ music, sports/ dance, sports/ paintings, paintings/ marshal arts, karate/ music, foreign language/ dancing, so on and so forth. Acting, filming, photography, fashion designing skills can be developed in children by conducting workshops and competitions. The youthful energy must be spent in creativity and regular studies. Let it be a private school for rich children or a public government school for poor children- the theme of my write up focuses on converting the body energy of a young child into creativity. A creative mind is always passionate, emotional, non-destructive/violent and honest (mostly). Let us think of developing a proper education system where every child gets the equal facilities to become a good human being. We don’t want to see the mutilated, burnt bodies of young women anymore. Let us try to educate people through writing, discussing, thinking and of course acting. Let more social organisations come up, let ,ore educated people think, the schools and colleges take actions to educate the young minds and their parents. Let us join hands to grow the mentally healthy society. Let our India grow with beautiful minds!!



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