Best Practices to be adopted by Institutions for Accreditation

NAAC has provided 100 points to Innovations and Best Practices (Criteria VII) in overall assessment and accreditation of a college. Best practices are those which are exercised on regular basis within he campus premises to add value to human life and support the mission and vision accomplishments of  an institution. Best practices of an instituion can be extended outside too for the upliftment of societal structure and values. It helps in development of an institution-a source/ means to perform social responsibility. It can change the life of whole institution as well as individual stake holders. Colleges undertake different types of best practices as per their institutional environment, try to bring about innovations and new ideas.  Best practices are the agents of change for a particular educational institution and society as well. When some of the good work like innovative teaching methodologies developed by teachers goes unnoticed by the administrative authorities, Best Practices may help the teachers to organize their good works in a folder to help other colleagues and the institution itself. NAAC should be appreciated for bringing out the idea of introducing BEST PRACTICES which will in turn help the institutions to progress and make a mark in the society and nation.

What can we do?

  1. Let us start clubs —3R ( Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and ECOWARRIORS
  2. Let us start practicing and advocating for Zero waste living lifestyle
  3. For this, let us reduce paperwork and go to digitalization- recycling of old journals , blue books and assignments.
  4. Recycle the waste papers and paper materials through a recycling unit, Recycling the plastic materials.
  5. Make notebooks from left out blank pages of journals, blue books, tutorial and assignment books. These books can be distributed among poor children.
  6. Motivate: Donate to charity or sell old clothes, furniture, toys or appliances- Danotsava.
  7. Establish centers of excellence in the institution
  8. Mentoring of the students should be done with the help of psychologists and with proper documentation.
  9. Environmental Management- Start vermi composting sites in the college campus, establish rain water harvesting units.
  10. E wastes management- proper system should be established.
  11. Replace all the bulbs with LED bulbs.
  12. Use of solar, wind enery should be encouraged.
  13. Let us cut down electricity uses by observing DARK Hours in the institution.
  14. Tree plantations programs should be conducted- Tree plantations on enviromental day- 5th June of every year and celebrate other days like Earth Day, Water Day etc.
  15. Observe Vehicle free Day once in a month. Let all students and faculty use bicycles or car pools to reach to institution.
  16. Let us send letters to corporators to reduce the use of plastic bottles and cans. Small bottles can be replaced by tetra packs etc.
  17. Let us not waste food in gatherings, advocate to prevent food waste in community functions and at home and individual level. Our club members can motivate people for preventing food waste.
  18. Let us find out an orphanage where the excess food can be distributed or our students can run food ATMs.
  19. Advocating for zero waste living- reduce, reuse recycle. Let us have activities like best out of waste. Use of waste materials in various ways the best models can be displayed  during NAAC visit.
  20. Train students for composting and vermin composting.
  21. Let us give away prizes to the ideas of reusing the e waste/ other waste
  22. Let us not use plastic /disposable cups/glasses/ pens/ straws etc in gatherings. Encourage people to bring their own bottles for drinking water/ tea, coffee etc.
  23. Let us reduce generating wastes. Let people come up with ideas. Take a selfie with the ideas, trees planted etc and post in social media to get publicity
  24. Let us ask our students to make shopping bags out of old clothes, gift packaging with news papers, plastic bottles to plant creepers etc and give prizes.
  25. Let us go to nearby villages to advocate for reduce, reuse and zerowaste living lifestyle. Village people can also practice vermi composting .
  26. Food loss campaign aimed at reducing the wastage footprint and convert the wastage to wealth by making business.









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