Become an entrepreneur by recycling- 10 simple ways

Recycling means  making new products from old/used products. Instead of throwing away the used articles into the dustbin, a new product can be made by applying various innovative ideas. Recycling can also be turned into a business to create wealth. Adopting  a lifestyle inclusive of recycling will be enduring for the environment, for this planet and the humans who live in here. The art of recycling will create more job opportunities, will give the products in a much cheaper rate and save the natural resources. It is better if we embrace recycling as sooner as possible.

The amount of waste are increasing day by day to to population growth, more demands for products, luxurious lifestyles leads to unnecessary shopping and waste creation, less time spent on the thought of waste management etc. The busier lifestyle leaves hardly anytime for people to think about reuse and recycle of anything they use- clothes to electronic gadgets.

Recycling is very important as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment as more wastes needs more number of landfills. Landfills generate toxic and harmful gases, spreads diseases. Recycling gives an opportunity  to reduce the wastes, reduce number of landfills, save space needed to create a landfill and reduce pollution. Another advantage of recycling is that huge amount of energy is saved as it is not direct extraction of product from raw materials, it is conversion of one product to another which needs less energy. For example- one recycled tin can would save enough energy to power a television for three hours, and 70% less energy is required to recycle paper compared with making it from raw materials. Thus, energy and resources are saved by the process of recycling.


Here are the simple recycling which can be done on day to day basis:

  1. Waste papers can be recycled to make  cardboard packaging materials, drawing sheets, writing pads etc.
  2. Solid wastes which are lying on landfills generate methane gas which can be converted into electricity.
  3. Bio fertilizers can be produced from agricultural wastes  by composting and vermicomposting.
  4. Coal palettes can be made from agro-industrial waste products. These are called bio coals.
  5. Ethanol can be produced from agricultural waste and mixed with petrol to run vehicles.
  6. Vegetable wastes and cow dungs can be used to produce bio gas to cook food and lighting houses.
  7. Synthetic oils, floor tiles and decorative housing materials can be produced from plastic wastes. Recycled plastic can also be used to produce plastic clothes.
  8. Waste plastics can be used to construct roads.
  9. Poultry food can be prepared from the silk industries.
  10. Glasses , plastics, polythene can be recycled to produce many products which can be reused to make carpet fibers, detergent bottles, toys etc.

Recycling various materials brings tremendous opportunity to earn money. New age slogan is “Wealth from Waste”. Still now the recycling methodologies are not well accepted by public, nor Indian government is doing enough to support this process. Even recycling units are also very less. Otherwise interested public would have been able to send the wastes directly to the recycling plants.

Recycling is good for the environment as we are using old products then converting them back to new products. Since we are saving resources and are sending less trash to the landfills, it helps to reduce air and water pollution. Recycling represents an opportunity to put people back to work while building a stronger, more efficient economy as well as a cleaner and healthier environment.



7 responses to “Become an entrepreneur by recycling- 10 simple ways”

  1. yaelwp Avatar

    Why are you calling this Swastika Das? What does it mean?

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    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Its my name but why is this appearing, I have no idea


      1. eliezermeir Avatar

        Maybe consider changing your name, seriously. A name of the symbol that was associated with the most cruel and inhuman, base torture/murder and crime to humanity will not bring you blessing!

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      2. Swastika Das Avatar

        I know. But in Hinduism Swastika is symbol of peace.


      3. Swastika Das Avatar

        I know that. But in Hinduism Swastika is Symbol of Peace and I am proud of my name.


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