Three years of blogging

Cheers for Three years !!

I survived in the blogger’s world and that’s a great feeling for me. My blogging started as I wanted a platform to share my feeling about life’s happenings, wanted to do some experimentation with the likes and dislikes of people, wanted to know about other bloggers too. I didn’t have much ambition with my blog as I knew I can’t maintain it with regular posts for my hectic daily schedule. Did I nurture a secret wish to earn some money through blogging? I am not sure but I wanted to get some appreciations from the readers and my followers for sure.

 This blog site is my life, my companion. I speak to myself through my writings which I can share with the world readers. It is one of a kind of happiness to express my feelings. I like to go through other sites, see my fellow bloggers are doing far better than me- I giggle, I feel happy. When I see a serious blogger I get the inspiration to become like them one day……………:)

Dreams are life. Dream of becoming a bigger blogger keeps me going 🙂

I thank the discoverer of the internet for whom I could become a writer of my choice. I read, I know, I see so many things with the click of a mouse. It is like childhood dreams of getting wonder pills with which we can conquer hunger. I surf and I forget the world surrounding me. Sometimes I feel crazy to express my views on certain topics that I just get glued with my laptop. I know, few childhood dreams still are unfulfilled like the wonder pills or the travel to space. But who knew that there will be these optical fibres, computers, laptops and the whole world will land in my small room?!! Actually speaking I can do anything of my choice with the internet connection. Amazing!

Starting from Orkut, then Facebook, then WhatsApp, then the blog site which is mine- what else can I ask from the Almighty?

God created me and internet too so that I can reach any corner of this world very easily! Gratitude unlimited.

My journey will continue with love and good wishes from all my readers. I will be writing on environmental protection and on any topic which touches me. Keep reading, keep blessing. Post your suggestions, inspire me!

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Man’s greed is killing the green. #save the planet.




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3 responses to “Three years of blogging”

  1. koolitzable Avatar

    Congratulations, more years of Blogging to come 🤩👌🏼

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    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Thank you so much for inspiring words.

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