Why we cry if death is the truth?

dont cry
Recently one of my sisters lost her husband. I collected this quote from her FB page. The thought of someone slowly makes us realise the existence of that void.

Whenever someone dies, we cry at the loss of that person. It is the personal attachment with that particular person, the wonderful times of life spent with that person, the times we were dependent on that very person, the person who advised which we listened to, the person who loved us. The reason why we cry after the death of someone close to us (primarily a one-time friend or a relative) is because this deceased person was someone who, at one point, was someone that we loved, trusted, and someone that we hoped would be around for a long time, but sadly they weren’t.

The power of love is the strongest. A human being can have a lot of money but without a person whom he depends or loves, everything else seems meaningless.

We cry because they are not with us in bodily form. They are not with us when we miss them the most. Things would be very different if they are with us. Whenever a person dies, if the person was very close to heart – situations change, people become sad at heart, feel full of despair. It takes a lot of time to heal from the loss. People cry for years, every single day. Such a great loss is the death of someone.

The void, the emptiness, the helplessness bring tears. The person leaves but his memories remain, his belongings remain. The books, the reading table, the reading glasses, the laptops, the frames on the walls, the useful things, all remain- the sight of the empty room kills us inside. The hands which used to cajole, help, the touch, the assurances- all are gone. We feel helpless that we couldn’t keep him alive. The value of life loses its meaning. These feelings come around, again and again with the death of a loved one. A relative, a friend, a celebrity or a person closest to heart make you cry. With time, healings do happen but by then life changes. Thoughts take a different course, we come closer to that realisation that the ultimate truth is DEATH and Life is a beautiful lie. Enjoy the moments you are alive- you never know what tomorrow will bring!!

Cry upon loss- feel the truth. Crying helps to heal.






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