The youth-trustees of posterity

Nation-building refers to the process of structuring a national identity using the power of the state. Nation-building refers to the process of engaging all citizens in the development of the nation.  It aims at uniting the citizens of the nation so that it remains politically stable and viable. Nation building is a task which is not easy as the focuses are diverse in any country. Different religion, castes, tribes, habits, ambitions come in the way of positive thinkings of development. For India, it is toughest as we have the most diversities one can imagine of. For us, if every citizen does not join in to create the  ‘positive vibes’ of nation building then it is better we forget the word ‘progress’ and ‘superpower’.  The fundamental of nation-building lies in the way the youth of the nation are trained.

Youths play an important role in the progress and development of our nation as they constitute a majority portion of the total population of the country. Maybe over 25 per cent of the total population is highly energetic youth. The future, as well as the present of our country, is in the hands of its youths. The efforts of youth can help in rapid growth and development of our nation. They are the key to the structure building, policy making, planning the developmental works of this great nation.


Youth is the time when innovative and creative thoughts and ideas pop up in mind and which shape up the community and the nation we live in. The policies, plans and development works of the nation can best be implemented by youth. They are more enthusiastic and energetic and if their potential is used in the right direction they can ensure rapid progress. The determination and energy with which youth can work make them the most valuable and capable citizens of the nation. However, it is important that the youth gets to exercise their freedom of speech, ideas and opinions. They should get the right platform to voice their opinions, share their ideas and showcase their talent.

To ensure participation of the youths in national development, they need to be encouraged and supported by their parents, civil society and government. Youths deserve rights to get educated, to connect and to question about justice, equality and opportunity. If quality education is not provided then a majority portion of the population remains distracted for life as they fail to get a livelihood, support their family, go astray out of frustration, pick up an addiction, crime etc. The untrained youth land up in self-misery leading to a weak nation. There is a lot to think about youth education and training,  failing which will lead the nation to nowhere. Providing quality education, employment opportunities and empowerment to the youths are key factors in achieving progress and development of the nation.

When talking about education, we must focus on the existing system of India. Does the system is able to include all children and youth in a similar manner? Is not discrimination among the rich and poor existing in the education system also?  It is time we fought for equality while disbursing knowledge. Let the entire future generation get enlightened about Science, medicine, economics, politics and History in the same manner. Also, let them have a chance to understand more by thinking and creating.

There are three key elements that contribute to the progress of a nation. These are education, employment and empowerment. A nation develops at a steady pace when the youth of the country is educated and their education is put to the right use. Majority of youths in our country are uneducated. Most of them can’t read and write.

education system
Present education does not provide a space for thinking and creating: rather it operates mechanically.

The second thing which must be considered as one of the biggest problems of our nation is illiteracy. The illiterate population of our country holds back and hinders the progress of our nation. Still now, in the twenty-first century, India allows its citizens for thumb impression to collect their wages! Let us count the numbers of civilised countries which practices this ritual and feel ashamed. We are continuing with illiteracy, superstitions, poverty and malnutrition.

This scene is still in sight

Whom to blame? Perhaps it’s the people, it’s the citizens who are not putting enough effort to build the nation where every citizen is capable of logical and rational thinking. The day of complete literacy may arrive one day but it will be too late to do any good. So, illiteracy is one of the biggest problems in our nation. Let us understand that the illiterate population of our country holds back and hinders the progress of our nation. To drive out illiteracy, to guide the children and youth in the correct direction, the work must start now by the sensible citizens of India. Let more NGOs come up to drive out the darkness and to create more employment opportunities, more projects on youth empowerment. This will help to build one responsible India, progressive India, a superpower.  I love to think and write- this is my capability. But I also want someone reads my thoughts and start working. I will be happy to join and cooperate.


Jai Hind.



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