Nation building is not an easy task- 10 tips

The greatest legacy one can pass on to one’s children and grandchildren are not money or other material things accumulated in one’s life, but rather a legacy of character and faith.
Billy Graham

Is that legacy vanishing?

What, we, the elder generation is trying to inculcate in our next generation? Are we seriously in the business of character building? Are we seriously indulged in passing the right values to the younger? Are we too busy with ourselves- enjoying life and accumulating wealth? What values the young as students are inheriting from us? It is time to introspect?  These questions are bothering me of late as the younger generation will guide the nation in future. Guide the young in the right direction.

Hence this post for you all, especially for students.

Students grapple with many issues in their lives, and because of all of the competing things for your attention, it’s hard to concentrate on studying. 

Here are 10 Highly effective study Habits:

1. Aim to think positively when you study, and remind yourself of your skills and abilities to reach your goal. Having a goal in life is important.

2. Where you study is important: The place should be conducive for concentrating. A place with a lot of distractions makes for a poor study area.

3. Try to understand the topic you read. Get help from teachers and adults at home in case you find it difficult. Outline your understanding and rewrite your notes.

4. Use memory games and habit of meditation to improve your memory power.

5. Practice by yourself or with friends- “Practice is key to perfection”. Group study helps to understand better and understand quickly.

6. Make a schedule you can stick to: If you schedule study time just as your class time is scheduled, you’ll find it becomes much less of a hassle in the long run. Nowadays it is a common practice of students to indulge in last-minute cramming sessions and end up with huge confusions with everything. This doesn’t help in accumulating knowledge either. Hence plan your lessons throughout the semester for better preparation of exams.

7. Take breaks (and rewards!): If you succeed in your goals (such as doing two sections of a chapter in one sitting), give yourself a real reward like taking a break for snack and coffee, watching a 30 minutes TV show or playing a game.

8. Keep yourself healthy and lead a balanced life. Keeping a fit and active body is a key to success.

9. Know what the expectations are for the class: Different professors and teachers have different expectations from their students. Taking good notes and listening in class (and attending as many of the classes as you can) is essential. Also if you get a particularly bad grade on a paper or exam, talk to the teacher. Try and understand where things went wrong, and what you can do in the future to help reduce it from happening again.

10. Don’t forget to learn! : Studying isn’t just about passing an exam, as most students look at it as. Studying is an effort to actually learn things, which you should actually care about. The knowledge gained is money earned-Remember.

All the above tips are to be followed by the parents too. Keep watching your child, ask him difficulties. Visit school/college, meet teachers, see the progress report periodically. Do not allow your child to get distracted. Your child is your biggest property.

the featured image is from pixabay – my favourite site to collect images. This image I chose to depict Reaching DESTINATION- not easy.



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