Early birds or night owls- it’s about Me-Time.


An early bird-

  • Gets up early to nurture his/her inner wishes
  • May be having a cup of tea/coffee in the the calm with a book/newspaper with light music on
  • Writing poems, fiction, articles, managing blog site
  • having a walk in the garden, watching birds, enjoying the cool morning and the greenery around
  • Watching the stars and moons in the morning sky at 4 Am and wondering about the universe
  • witnessing the sunrise clicking some beautiful pictures
  • Practicing yoga under the morning sky breathing fresh air

It can be anything what one likes to live the life in his/her own way.Before you start your day and its routine work to earn your bread and butter you enjoy your ‘me-time”. What can be more satisfactory than this? Fostering your passion always make you feel relaxed and happy.

If you are not doing anything of these in the morning then I guess you are too busy, might be a policy maker who likes to plan the day’s work in the morning when the surrounding is quiet. A quiet surrounding enhances the ability of understanding, thinking, creativity. So the early birds can avail the time which is away from the chaos / cacophony.

A night owl-

Does all the things mentioned above depending on his/her passion. But, night sets up many activities which are unethical or notorious. Hence I am assuming here that my readers do not belong to that category and they are the honest thinkers like me. Considering only the brighter side of life I can say that the night -owls enjoy their ‘me-time’ in night. You think, plan or summarize all your day’s work, watch movie, write, draw, paint or compose, all you do in the night hours to satisfy yourself. The difference between an “early bird” and ” night owl” is not at all significant as both wants to pamper their passion in their suitable hours. They want to forget the cacophony life brings during the day hours and try to take a dip into their own world.

Recently , I came across various posts here and there that the successful people are usually early birds. I could not find out any authenticity of those posts like the research done about the topic and its outcome. Are we sure about the lifestyles of all the successful people? Unless that data are available, no conclusion should be drawn on the success rates of early birds and night owls.






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