Prevent suicide- help the hurt

You might feel as if someone betrayed your trust. Maybe your loved one lied to you about something big or small, maybe you are cheated, maybe you are ignored by your family, maybe your opinion did not matter, maybe you are denied your right, you felt disrespected, maybe something else hurt you. What do you do about the hurt?

Being hurt brings along complex feelings like sadness, betrayal, heartbreak and emptiness. Worst of all, being hurt can make us feel lonely and isolated from everyone else, including those who did not hurt us. The mixed emotional reactions very often lead to depression and suicide. The mentally weak persons who are hurt out of betrayal in relation or betrayals by family members may need proper counselling and care. Reading of articles, quotes, socialising through social networking sites may boost their mental energy.

It can be very easy to let down by hurts, loving the solitude, planning out the revenge, but these will not be very helpful in the long run. Rather a will to bounce back by remaining strong may help one to become a stronger person. Learning from the hurt and taking the right step towards an act of sweet revenge can be ideal. How about this following quote?

“We are balloons filled with feelings

in a world full of pins.”

This is funny but the truest quote which actually boosted my mood today. I thought people in this huge world need writers who express their feelings without hesitations. This world needs readers too- otherwise, all the writers will die out of frustrations. We need to share our experiences, feelings to boost each other’s energy and mental health. Keeping people around us mentally happy is every citizen’s duty. Isn’t it? When I think about my past which is no less than 50 years old I feel so pitiful! What life has brought to me is distasteful mostly or I may be more sensitive, maybe I failed to understand the rule of life. But, despite all, I could achieve my goal and that is the most important part of my life. The joy of overcoming the hurdles one by one is tremendously satisfying. But, how I survived with my oversensitivity? It is that habit of reading anything and everything distracted me from my sorrows. The books, the stories, the quotes helped me to become strong. The shocks I received by the ever-changing behavioural pattern of near and dear ones were all absorbed by the light of knowledge the books brought. The negativities of your surrounding can be neutralized if you nurture your passion and stick to your plan of life every day. Also, putting your feelings of hurt into words can help you express your feelings to feel relaxed.

I have tried to compile a few quotes to cheer up the people who felt hurt at some point in life.

The truest words- If we can follow these words, the world will become the best place to live in. No need of Mars or MOON.
Don’t bother much if your friends are the snob. You are different. Leave them to achieve your purpose in life.
Keep quality people in your life. Only one true friend is better than ten hurtful.
All persons are not the same and the meaning of LOVE is not understood by all. Thank God that you knew the true face before the disaster. The heartbreak is devastating but then the greatest hurt comes from the one you love the most. Lovers are not angels.
Walk out from any relation which is not trustworthy, do not bring happiness and prosperity. Life is short. Enjoy your life the way you want, do not let others control your smile.
Let all the feelings move out. Cry, scream or write your feelings on a paper if you can’t tell it to anyone. But let the feelings leave your soul so that you bounce back to normal life.

I know, things are much difficult when the hurt is terrible. But who doesn’t get hurt? The best things to avoid hurt to occur are the following steps:

Avoid people who

  • Mess with your head
  • Intentionally do or say the things you do not like
  • Expect you to prioritize them but refuse to prioritize you.
  • Won’t apologize after hurting
  • Act like a victim when confronted with their abusive behaviour.
  • The people who like to cheat and tell lies

To stay happy choose a few correct steps which may help you to avoid hurt. Help the people who are mentally weak and are hurt. It is our responsibility to build a healthy society.

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Positive vibes

Great goals make great people







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      Thank you so much for the appreciation and encouragement.


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