Forgive to heal


Forgiving is never easy. It needs the heart to be the kindest, mind to be the richest.

Hurt doesn’t come easily. The other person could become ruthlessly uncivilised to hurt a person who is comparatively softer and kinder. Life takes to many kinds of people- some are the wisest, kindest and ‘friends forever’ kind and some are just opposite. They come to our lives to solve their purpose, selfish opportunists, within the family or in the workplace, they exist.

It is better to avoid those creatures once we are hurt by them. Forgive them from inside but never go loud about why you chose to forgive! Stay cool, show everything is fine but never forget the hurt. Never forget the lessons you have learnt out of that hurtful incident. Life goes on, one is replaced by another and may be at this time you choose a better person as your friend and family.

Forgiveness and letting go are the ways to happiness- but forgetting may bring you to harm next time. Don’t live with anger and hate in your hurt. These feelings will create negativities and will disallow you to grow in the path of happiness. Rather fly high on the wings of happiness, there is freedom in forgiving, a gift you give yourself. After hurt, it is necessary to embrace the healing processes- one is ‘learn to forgive but never forget’. You need to be strong while seeking heal. Meditate, work out, take a deep dip into your passion, keep yourself occupied so that you dont find time to remember the wound.

Sometimes people apologize for their wrong actions. Appreciate them as you won’t get those kinds very often. But watch their actions closely and if the same actions are repeated then just choose to walk away. Most of the time the people who hurt us do not bother to say a sorry- maybe they are highly egoistic or they feel ashamed, or, they do not respect you! Try to find out why they are unapologetic and decide your action. Slowly move away, cut out that chord of negativity and try to feel peaceful. Remember nothing is permanent in life. Darkness is followed by brightness, hence move forward and never stop to be a good person.


Some of your greatest hurt will come from the people you helped the most.

Forgive anyways. SMILE.

All my writings come up with personal experiences. Somewhere, sometimes, some things are happening in life. Close your eyes, try to understand. Remember the Almighty, seek courage and decide your actions.








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