Life is a puzzle-set it right: Resolution

Deep down, every person wish to achieve something great in his life, even if he is afraid of admitting it in public. Can I express my wish of becoming the richest woman of this world in public? I will be designated as a paranoid for sure. So what do I do? I keep quiet and try to accumulate wealth, at least I wont die out of hunger one day. How about if I wish to travel all over the world in this one life? I know, it’s again one unreasonable wish. So, should I leave dreaming or should I do work to fulfill a share of my dreams? Ask you heart about your secret wishes of life and see how cynical they are!Let your wishes sound impossible but have some wishes, after all you live only once.

That is why I insist that everyone should have a clear picture of their lives which mostly revolves around their passions. Life’s motto must be to become a good human being first. A child must be taught that true meaning of life is to be good, to do good, and serve the fellow humans to the best of your intentions and abilities. A child need tremendous parental care to come up in life while learning the true meaning of life. Then the child must be taught about the importance of having an aim of life.

You can have several exercises to teach your children. One can be like giving them lots of puzzles to solve. Give them two sets of puzzles without telling them what it is exactly and see how much time they take to solve these puzzles. And after noting down the time give them another sets acknowledging the content like the puzzle may be a picture of a tiger or a scenery. Then see how much time they take to solve it. You will find that they are taking less time to solve the puzzle when they know what it contains whereas the unknown puzzles give them trouble to sort out the problem. This is an wonderful trick to teach children about the importance of having an aim of life. The things are easy when the picture is crystal clear!

“Life is a fairy tale. Live it with wonder and amazement.” 
― Welwyn Wilton Katz

“Don’t let pain keep you out of the garden.” 
                                                                     ― Welwyn Wilton Katz


According to the Buddhist school, although the heavenly world, from which we reincarnate, is wonderful world overflowing with love, harmony and happiness, it doesn’t provide the soul with many opportunities to progress. It is when the soul is placed in the adverse circumstances that it can discipline itself, correct its misguided tendencies, and make progress. And once we become aware that “life is a workbook”, there is no longer any need to lament “why do I have to put through this?” Suffering is an opportunity to reflect on the mistakes and delusions of our own mind and to reform ourselves.

Why I chose to write this article is the following video I came across in Facebook. The group which posted this video is Milaap (a charity site). The person who recorded this video is travel freak. I was awestruck by reading this story. Nothing can describe the true meaning of where there is a will there is a way.

Watch this and I am sure you will cry out of joy and inspiration as I did!!


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