Great goals make great people

“I always wanted to be something, but now I see I should have been more specific.” 
― Lily Tomlin

Perhaps most of us end our lives in a bizarre way as our aim wasn’t specific. I wanted to become something but landed up in something else I never wanted. Regrets repent gulp us in the later part of our life. We wish the clock be reversed and we start our life afresh in a more planned way. I am no exception who now is in a mission to find out the reasons and wish to go back in life! Maybe many of you too are feeling the same way, right now.

Why this happens? Where we are failing to achieve our goals? Or, did we have a goal in the first place?

In our childhood, every one of us wrote an essay on “Aim of your Life”, we, as small children might have thought so much to write that essay and lost sleep over deciding the goal of our life. But that was a period in life when we were too young and attending school, hardly we knew the intricacies of life, the twists and turns of the circumstances at personal or social or political levels, the surprises, the accidents, illnesses, joys or sorrows the life might bring in. So those pages of our books where we wrote the essay with much care and love, were lost, forgotten or destroyed in due course. The struggles of life change so many things, the predictions turn upside down, the dreams die out with adjustments with new challenges. But the success of life lies there- how good are you in taking up new challenges on the way to your goals? After all, without struggle success has no value. Did you have that strong attitude of “come what may! I will reach the goal”? I think that needs more courage, maturity which all do not possess.



Why I took up this issue today to write up for my blog is something to do with my everyday life. After all, day to day life teaches many lessons if you are a keen observer. I have to interact with people more specifically the young generation, their parents, their teachers. I am dealing this for the last two decades due to my profession. I see reluctances among the young regarding learning, acquiring knowledge, pursuing hobbies, maintaining discipline and punctuality. Surprising indeed! as they are more energetic than the older. The older people like the parents are also too busy with their work or earning the livelihood that they do not bother where the family as a whole is heading? The ignorance during the young age makes the old age difficult.



The next generation will head towards nothing and that will be dangerous for the nation. The aimless youth will do no good for their family, society or for their country.  Perhaps the society as a whole is failing to bring up the culture of “goal setting” in everyone’s life. The older generation is failing to motivate the young, showing them the right path, helping them to set their right goal and reach them. The matter is thought-provoking and  I am just trying to make people aware of the societal responsibilities they have to make the next generation more productive. I want to throw up some thoughts on the importance of having a goal of life for every life on this earth so that the coming days will be more beautiful for every world citizen.

“Great goals make great people. People cannot hit what they do not aim for.” 
― Roy Bennett

Plan of life must begin keeping the end in mind. What at the end we want to achieve? Is it peace, love of family and friends, healthy living with a comfortable stay at our sweet home? It should not be about the amount of wealth we create but should be about the opportunities we create for others. Life’s goal must include educating people, creating awareness, changing mindsets, being a leader, write a novel, to invent/discover, teach the poor, showing kindness, keeping high morals -in a nutshell, ‘create a niche for yourself’- Make a dent in this huge world.

To understand what exactly a goal setting is, Let us answer a few questions.

  1. What I know about my life?
  2. How would I like to be remembered?
  3. What fascinates me?
  4. Am I helpful to others?
  5. Are my activities creating positive vibes among people/society?

Since I have made this question paper- let me answer them one by one.

What I know about my life?

I am an honest, sensitive, hardworking person who regrets not setting a goal of life. My condition is exactly like that quote I shared in the beginning. I try to motivate the young generation, teach them passionately, educate them about the environmental crisis, save the earth campaign, talk about the importance of disciplined life. In that way, I feel satisfied. I look after my family, try to lead my family members in the right direction. I could have done more but feel it is not very late. I have just started living my passion that is writing. My blog site is the place where I can express my feelings.

How would I like to be remembered?

I like to be remembered as a person who was a motivator, educator, kind and caring. I want to be remembered by my family, my friends and other people who feel a void when I am gone.

What fascinates me?

Well, the entire planet fascinates me. Life fascinates me. Reading, writing, teaching, cuisines of different countries, art, sculpture, nature’s beauty, music fascinate me. The flowers, the birds, anything beautiful fascinates me.  I want to live to explore the world’s creations, the magic the beauty brings, I want to make this place more worthy of living. My thoughts too fascinate me 🙂 Hence I want to make my spot clear and loud here.

Am I helpful to others?

Yes, of course, I am helpful to my family members. They look up to me for their basic needs, for their problems, suggestions, happiness. I tried my best to be a good caregiver to the elderly people of the family. I teach and I influence my students.

Are my activities creating positive vibes among people/society?

May not be always. My actions are not always positive. This is the area where I need to improve. I read a lot on positivity, try to practice, I am sure I will succeed in spreading the positive vibes soon. Maybe I will be writing an article on this at the end of this year.

Let me make it clear to all of you that I tried to write answers but it was not very easy. I am sure the answers will change or I will be able to add on more sentences at the end of this year. You can also try answering these questions and share them with me. I am eager to know your thoughts especially the young who are building their career. It will be heartening to know your thoughts or how have your designed your life? If you can’t answer one or two questions, my advice will be not to get depressed. Work on those points and at the end of the year trying to see where have you reached?

“Wealth, my son, should never be your goal in life. Your words are eloquent but they are mere words. True wealth is of the heart, not of the purse.” ……Og Mandino.

Set your goals.

Live with a purpose.

Let us move towards the beauty, love and peace.

Hope my write up helps at least a few people.




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