Think out of the Box to be happy-10 ways.

I want to write every day. My write-ups are oxygen for me as I feel suffocated if I can’t express my views through my blog posts. My write-ups are mostly my life experiences or the outcome of what I read that day or what compels me to think at that moment. The process of ageing makes the human to go back to the past- to reminiscent memories, arousing a feeling of sadness about the good old days! The people who are gone from life create good or bad memories. And one can’t escape them.

To come out of the melancholy, I usually take the help of social media where I get plenty of humour, art, science, environmental news which cheers me up and I try to create something to make others think or smile. That is called the self-empowerment- to make yourself happy-find out the ways. See what I found today!

“Skepticism” is the longest word that alternates hands while typing.—–Isn’t this an amazing fact? It made me happy today!


So, here are few points to remain happy always:

Every day is a gift— Forget about yesterday’s failure. Start afresh today. Every day brings in a new hope, a new opportunity.

Success takes time–Don’t think about success. It will come with your hard work. Success doesn’t come overnight. Success is not a fairytale.

Work is not a chore–Love your work.

Be passionate about everything you do–If you don’t like, don’t do it.

Think outside the box–Try to do the same work in a different way, break the monotony. Creativity brings happiness.


Set your own standards/goals–You must know what you want to achieve. But don’t rush. There is always enough time for everything.

Opportunities are endless— If one door closes, another opens. Do not lose hope.

Failure is not the end–Accept failure with grace. It teaches lessons. Begin with new hope again.

Learn to let go–Forget the past, easy way to stay happy. Do not try to love the people who do not love you back. Smile for the people who care for you, want to see you prosper.

You can always make a difference–With endless opportunities around the globe, pick up yours and go ahead. everybody has the potential to do a different thing if the willpower is right, dedication is high.






2 responses to “Think out of the Box to be happy-10 ways.”

  1. Obinna Anyaibe Avatar

    Way to go, Swastika! I love the positivity!
    You have given me enough advice to see me through the new year. This year was really something. With all the ups and downs, it wasn’t long before I became depressed.

    But I’ve decided to think positively and act accordingly come 2019. Like you said, success doesn’t come overnight.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Yes Obinna .staying positive is important. You do your work passionately. Definitely you will get the result. May God fulfill all your dreams this new year. Stay happy.

      Liked by 2 people

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