Extravaganza- is it a necessity?

The word ‘extravaganza’ is stealing every show happening in every corner of the world. The people are grabbing it going out of the way. The untiring effort of looking rich is keeping everyone(?) busy. How I react to it is completely my own idea- I know I am a mismatch.

I hate extravaganza, showing off!! It happened that I  grew up in a middle-class family which always preached about the importance of studies. There was no extra penny to spend on the luxury items but money was enough to buy books. Books everywhere- we could build up a small home library. But that’s not extravaganza as nobody measures your richness by counting the number of books you possess. Do they? I don’t believe so. You can challenge me and I will be humble enough to accept your challenge.

I moved to stay in a hostel where I met girls from all kinds of economic backgrounds. For some, hardly they could pay the required fees and for some, there was no space to keep their belongings. So many things they possess- necessary and unnecessary. I used to wonder about their passion for showing off! The only thing the rich girls left at home is perhaps their pets as they are not allowed in the hostel. I saw the girls making friendships with others by not looking at merit but looking at the social status. The richer always liked food from posh restaurants which the poorer couldn’t afford. One day I, just out of curiosity asked them not to eat food from outside as they may be adulterated, unhygienic and of course expensive. The answer I got from them was ” why not? We can afford the food, we have money, why not we spend it on things we like?” This happened more than once and I preferably kept quiet. Now after so many years (around 20 years passed I left hostel), I heard the same story from my student when few meritorious girls told me same kind of incident and I said I am experienced. “The same old story”- the same old tradition of showing off.

Is this necessary?

Now, what comes in my mind is ‘what is right’? Showing off or not showing off -your money or my money. Confusing-right??! Why people lead an extravagant life? Why people love to show off their wealth? Is the motive is to  “inspire” or to “dishearten”?

Extravagant lifestyle or showing off creates confusions, disappointments, depressions, mental illness and the suicidal tendency among the less privileged and this is happening throughout the world. The extraordinary way of showing wealth is creating that extra burden on the society which is becoming abnormal with the desire of possession. Recently we have come across the lavish weddings of the movie stars. They spent money- wore lots of items of clothing, pieces of jewelry, ate good food etc. People wondered by seeing the extravaganza but did anybody questioned about the C-footprints it generated? The solid waste materials accumulated on the surface created the burden on society and on the environment.  Nobody asked- because nobody cares. Everybody cares about the pleasure the eyes bring, the body feels. Nobody cares the mental feelings generated by this ‘show off’ of wealth and power. Extravagant activities of the richer create a perpetual cycle between expectations and disappointments.  Everyone in the less fortunate category, longs for that rich but wouldn’t get it-disappointment comes in. Then comes the depression, sense of insecurity and what not? Why don’t we try to understand that ‘showing off’ only impresses the people who have ‘less’ , not the people who have ‘more’? The less privileged start idolizing the richer, try to go beyond their capacity and embrace fake-ism.

Now, let us peep into the other side of the coin. The most important question arises here is ” how to impress people” if you do not show off? Why not show off if you have got something to show off? How will people on earth know how much potential you have to start a business or start a project, direct a movie etc.? If we consider the different professions, we will find a difference in the behavioral attitude of all the professionals. Many embrace the fake world of showbiz forgetting that people can be inspired by remaining simple and humble. Think about Stephen Hawkins, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Newton, Madam Curie and so many more to remember.

Inspire people in the most humble way. Let your glitters not make your society to live in despair.

I will be glad to know reader’s opinions. Please do share your opinion.Let’s discuss.






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