Positive vibes

No matter how happy someone may seem, they have moments of insecurities.

No matter how confident someone may look, there are times when they feel shaky, unsure.

No matter how strong someone may appear, they have days when they feel like they are falling apart.

Life has its own ups and downs. The failures teach us the lessons. The darks take us up to the brightness. The war makes us feel the essence of peace. Patience is the word to keep in mind during the downfall. Wait patiently till the Sun rises to wipe away the darkness. Wait for the good times with patience, show the positive attitude as the positivity is the other name of success.

If you feel like you are losing everything, remember that the trees lose their leaves every year and they still stand tall and get the new leaves to look more beautiful! There are more human beings in this world who are underprivileged than you, they may be hungry, homeless, penniless. They might have not seen a ray of hope for years. They may be fighting an incurable disease! Think that you are better than them.

The foggy cold winter may have seen many street children longing for a cosy place and hot drinks, a roof on top of their head! 


The sense of feeling low comes from the comparison with others. The key to a happy always life is not to look at others’ extravaganza. Be humble, down to earth and keep moving to reach your goal. You may get a jolt sometime but never worry. Never feel alone with your struggles, share your worries with family and friends. If your one attempt doesn’t see success, go for the next attempt. Keep trying with the support of your well-wishers and stay positive about life. Life has plenty to offer- lots of opportunities come in the way. Look out for them, utilise them.

Do what you like as this will give you an escape from your routine work. As you see these photographs I shared with you, are clicked by me when I was on the way to my classroom. Sudden foggy morning elated my mood and I guess everyone’s mood in my surrounding today that we did not lose the opportunity to click pictures to capture the moment in the frame. We never saw this cold foggy morning, the very unusual scene around for us. And we enjoyed the morning by taking a moment’s break from usual routine. The practice of nurturing your passion in between your mundane work will make you smile, make you feel alive! That’s the beauty of living life.

Stay happy friends if you are reading this. Smile often!






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