Homelessness is unacceptable

A street boy

The habit of surfing in internet leaded me to this picture yesterday. Obviously it didn’t cause any elation, rather I felt disgusted about being a human being. It is said that the most superior species on this planet is human. Does this picture validates this point? A small boy, perhaps a street child, a homeless child tries to sleep in a drain every night along with a puppy. Lucky enough to have a blanket and a jacket to protect himself from the cold.

A crazy search in the net followed and I got puzzled with lots of data acknowledging the number of homeless across the world and in India, number of street children, number of slum dwellers, people who are living below poverty line etc. The reasons for homelessness is well depicted everywhere but the solution seems far reachable. The children abandoned by families, lost due to natural calamities, orphans are more vulnerable to societal abuses. The women who leave houses due to domestic violence struggle for both ends meet. Then there are drug addicts, alcoholics and mentally and physically challenged people who add to the numbers of homeless people. All the reasons are complex and the solutions too must be different. We the civilized citizens of the world are claiming tall when it is about the scientific advancement or economical rise.   We are spending on moon and mars missions, making space stations. We are searching life in other planets. But isn’t it ridiculous to see our young children suffering? They have no homes, foods, clothes, books or minimum societal security. Why cant we work together to provide a stable, healthy family and food to everyone? Why our children and adults are not receiving the care they deserve? After a stormy session of data collection and reading the causes my night remained quite disturbing !! I tried to be in a position where I can join the like minded who want to work to  reduce homelessness.

The persons like me are tied by our family duties and our jobs. We have to feed us first and this process of earning our livelihood takes the lion’s share of our total time. The wishes we nurture remains in our hearts due to lack of time and opportunities. I wish our government agencies to come up in search of persons who are willing to help the society. If the Governments of respective countries wish to eradicate homelessness, hen there is no dearth of people who will help the homeless people by providing them job, food, clothe sand care. There are plenty of odd jobs which can be given to the poor to support them. We don’t have  nurses, caregivers in hospitals, domestic servants, porters in railway stations, the helpers for physically and mentally challenged, cleaners and sweepers for hotels or bigger complexes. The list is endless. Even we lack people in hospitality management areas, food preparations and caterings and in many small scale industries do not get labors. Why cant we think about these poor people who can be included in the main force in this way? The life becomes dull and repulsive with insecurity.Our duty is to lead the homeless on a positive road of opportunities. let us make affordable homes with affordable cheap materials so that no child sleeps in the drain or on the pavements. Engineering has also traveled a long way. Cant we make the materials in cheaper prices to build homes for homeless people?


Let us solve a problem which is solvable.

Let us prevent a situation which is preventable.

Invest your time and energy in finding solutions.






2 responses to “Homelessness is unacceptable”

  1. Madhu Avatar

    Homelessness is solvable . We have to collect money from people and build a new house for them .

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    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      Yes Madhu you are right. Only the people who want to change the world can do it. God bless you 🙂

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