Your soul knows better

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Life is a journey, most often a long one. We come across people, uncountable in numbers. Parents, siblings, relatives-far and near, friends, colleagues, strangers, faces around everyday. Some make you and some break you. Some teaches you lessons of life, some extend their helping hands. How you feel which kinds of people are surrounding you in disguise of your relatives, parents, friends or children? These relations are important, right?

Close your eyes, meditate. Think about your people whom you admire the most. Spread your circle, go deeper, find more people. Try to recognize them-what comes out? Selfish faces. Most of the people do not care to hurt you. It is all about their interest on you, the work done by you for them. As long as their desires are fulfilled -its all fine. No purpose is served by you and the relation ceases to stop.

This sounds bitter but still worse happens. That is the people who are actually benefited from you during their crisis period can show their back as soon as the work is over. The erudite, elite people do this! Kick you out of their life and do not express gratitude. Learning to express gratitude is part of moral science/values which we inherit from our parents-but the importance is vanishing.

So, what hurts you? Open your eyes, walk the path alone with few good friends who are at the same wavelength of yours. Mental synchronization is needed to keep friendships and relationships.

My life journey is relentless, where I found the people making me and breaking me as well! The friends and their parents, few relations who stood tall beside my family’s distressed period were just awe-inspiring human beings. They were full of human values. Time changed, technology took over and humanity started losing its sheen.  People became luxury oriented, competitive, jealous, selfish, low on morals.

TRUST lost!!

Do harm, walk away as if nothing happened. Do harm to anyone, let him be a well wisher, let him be kind considerate person. Don’t say sorry-at least for once!

Realizing a fault, saying sorry needs a lot of guts. One has to drop his ego, accept the fault, face the person and actually say sorry-from bottom of the heart. How many of you have witnessed a real SORRY saying ceremony!! People usually walks away silently after doing you harm as if nothing happened. The victim remains silent with a wounded soul, promising himself of never doing good for people. The doubts accumulates, the distrust about people strengthens, life’s journey turns bitter slowly.

Trust makes the relation, trust is the water , trust is the oxygen for life that is our relations with others. The strong bonding keep us going, roll us forward, it is our strength to do our work, to stay happy. If the people become untrustworthy, unpredictable in their attitude, ungrateful then our hearts sinks, we loose interest in living. “Give more and expect nothing ” or “forgiveness is the greatest virtue” is no longer motivating us as the duties and responsibilities, humanity and human value manifestations can’t be one sided.

How to live? Whether I must strive forward with humanity, kindness, gratitude, sense of responsibility or without, just turning to be a selfish creature will make me happy? I think every time I am hurt….and I search for peace.

So trust the process of your life unfolding, and know with certainty, through the peaks and valleys of your journey, that your soul rests safe and secure in the arms of God.

                                                                                                               — Dan Millman








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