Open Book system is not a solution

Nowadays, the idea of introducing “open book” system to combat exam fear is buzzing round the corner. The governments of states are planning to reduce the burden and stress on students by allowing them to write answers by opening text books. If a student can not write answers by seeing text books then they are allowed to discuss among friends to write answers. This idea is disturbing for the learned parents, teachers, educationists as this idea will nail the coffin of a failed education system. Indian education system has already failed to produce world class intellectuals as it is clear from the numbers of Nobel laureates, specialized doctors, lawyers and engineers are diminishing day by day. The governing bodies in education sectors are many to control the different schools, colleges and universities but none of the universities of India are ranked among the top hundred in the world. This is a known fact among the intellectual class but hardly any steps were taken in the right direction. The failure can be attributed to the liberal attitudes of teachers towards students, of course by the guidance of governing authorities in almost all the states of India. The worries are too much for the stress of the students but hardly any worry is visible for the deterioration of the teaching-learning-evaluation process. Introduction of “Open book” system comes from this kind of worries and will destroy the system further as the students would find an easy way to escape studies. The strong will power of very good quality students to excel in every perspective of life will also receive a jolt as all kinds of talents will get the same grade. Introduction of “open book” system will produce a society whose population is incapable of facing challenges, has no knowledge in any field or the unemployed clout who will slowly be converted into antisocial elements. The lack of real knowledge which can be earned with dedication, discipline and desire will put our youngsters nowhere on the world map. Another plan to ban homework for school children is also derogatory. The learning capability of students get sharpened by practicing through home work. Solving mathematical problems at home, making sentences, writing paragraphs, essays and answering “show reasons” for science improve students’ thinking capabilities. A young child must lead a disciplined life which must include getting up from bed, exercising, going to school, learning lessons there, have good food, coming back, playing in the ground, doing homework or learning all the lessons which are taught in the school and then go to bed. Of course there can be time for music, hobby classes and other entertainments. Following a routine will help them leading an organised life later.

We should not forget that Teaching-learning process gets completed by  examinations. The exam result is an indication of learning outcomes of the lessons taught by the teachers. Results also indicates a teachers’ capability to disseminate knowledge to students, defines merits of students as well as teachers. The stress of learning, remembering, writing examinations will be there and this will teach students about stress management too. The childhood days challenges are needed to shape up a student’s personality which will ultimately culminate into a ‘responsible citizen’ of the country. We must focus on producing hard working young generation with abundant knowledge to serve the society. Students must be trained to face every challenge of life. Exam fear comes not from examination system but from the parental pressure and expectations. Hence counseling of parents is needed rather than an ‘open book’ system. Also, government authorities must focus on giving quality education in school for free to every child of this country which will keep the parents financially less burdened. When parents spend huge amount of money on child, their expectation also increases leading to the stress ‘transferred’ from parents to the child. The cause of the stress is definitely money oriented as there is no guarantee that a child will get a job after finishing education. Hence generation of employment and designing a curriculum to produce ‘industry ready’ youngsters are need of the hour but not “open book” system! 





3 responses to “Open Book system is not a solution”

  1. Obinna Anyaibe Avatar

    I second this! The part about banning homework is what got to me. Education isn’t stress, it’s discipline; but if it’s getting a tad stressful or overwhelming, then not just the parents but the teachers children should be counseled.
    What in the world is happening to our education system?

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  2. Obinna Anyaibe Avatar

    “teachers and* children”… Sorry.


  3. idjourneys Avatar

    I don`t know what are the really reasons of these deals. If the children do not learn to cope with difficulties, if they are not encourage to sove problems they will become very week as adults. When life give them problems to solve, they will become frustrated. They will expect that everything should be easy.

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