Prevent suicidal thoughts-13 ways.

Very recently, a shocking news about the great chef Anthony Bourdain has shaken us in the roots. Not long before another great successful lady too could not survive the suicidal thoughts was Kate Spade. These two recent incidents speak volumes about the successful people and their stresses! What actually drove them to take up their own lives is a mystery though, we can try to search out the causes and preventive measures.

I, myself, came a long way in my life. The ups and downs of life were encountered along with the well-wishers by my side, always and ever. Frankly speaking, the days which were the lowest points of my life were well taken care of by my relatives, neighbors and friends. The Indian society is different from the west where people are always worried for their own well being as well as the well beings of others. Jealousy has a role to play but not always. Of course, nowadays, those caregivers are reducing in numbers but not all are running with their eyes shut.

I can remember two incidents where two girls were separately involved in committing suicide and how I got involved in the rescue operations. One of my friends who was an attention seeker popped up sleeping pills and it was me who discovered the closed door of her hostel room for a long time. Then all the rush, banging on the door, trying to see through the skylight and ultimately breaking the door, all happened so quickly. The friend is alive now and doing very well with her career!! Another incident involved my senior consumed poisonous liquid out of her frustration with her studies. She could not achieve what she wanted to and the depression was about to kill her. I, as a nocturnal, used to roam around in the corridor of the hostel, often with books, studying the most difficult lessons in the calm hours of the night. I was walking past her room when I discovered an unusual sound coming out of her room. I started banging on her window and fortunately the loosely latched window opened up and what I saw was still a memory I can’t forget in my life. She was lying on the bed, unconscious. I alerted everyone and now rest is history. We rushed to hospital, a police case, running doctors, worried hostel warden and friends and she survived with great difficulty. Thanks to all the prompt doctors.

Then life rolled down and many more incidents happened  where I heard many choosing the heavenly abode over the earthly life. The causes were guessed but the reality remained a mystery, in all the cases.  The causes of the suicidal attempts explained by the two survivors I rescued were vague to me. What I could understand was that their ego got hurt and they did not wanted to share it with anyone. They just thought taking life will be a solution. In this way, may be many lives are lost everyday. The teenagers need proper attention, proper care, guidance about everything happening surrounding them. The lessons they study can be now filled with some lessons of “Positive Thoughts”. The adults must get support of their children and friends. There must be a family bonding so that  all the members can open up and solve any sort of problem. There are umpteen number of ways to prevent suicides but question now arises that how to practice those ways?? A big question mark on the willingness to solve the problems by close family members and friends, the number of therapists available, the willingness of consulting a therapist etc.

 The causes of depression leading to suicide are many. It depends on the person’s mature, financial status, feeling of insecurity, unfulfilling wishes, mental torture by closest family member, harassment in workplace, lack of support by family and friends, introvert by nature, hurt (sometimes ego), love lost and many many more. If a hundred want to commit suicide then  hundred reasons may be there to justify the reason. But, to prevent suicides there are few ways out.

  • If you can recognize the depression, then shout out help from your close friends or family members.
  • Never stay alone, be always surrounded by the people you love.
  • Try to find out how better you are comparing yourself with the poor and of low caliber.
  • Always remember you must have at least one person whose life will be destroyed without you. Think and live.
  • A spiritual help is the best. Remember God through meditation which brings tremendous peace.
  • Get up early in the morning, go for an walk in the fresh air, meditate, practice yoga and see the difference.
  • Never compare your life with the people who are in a better position(?) than you are. Always know that most of the people are unhappy and try to “show-off” to get their peace of mind.
  • Think positive, do positive things, spread positiveness among others. If you talk about positive thoughts, you will also learn how to enjoy life.
  • Life is not a bed filled with red roses. Life is about the struggles too. Discuss with others about their struggle- you will feel peace.
  • There are stories of suicides committed but there are also stories about the people who survived depression. Like, J K Rowling, Brad Pitt, Brooke Shields, John Damm, Gwyneth Paltrow etc. Read about them.
  • Affected by depression is normal. May be the problem is genetic, may be born with societal surroundings. Do not feel ashamed to consult a therapist.
  • Try to do new things, be creative, do work, keep yourself occupied. This will keep the negative ideas rest in peace.
  • Life is precious and we get life only once. Think how much blessed you are and express gratitude always.





3 responses to “Prevent suicidal thoughts-13 ways.”

  1. Megha's World Avatar

    Thanks, Swastika for taking time out and addressing such an important issue.


    1. Swastika Das Avatar

      You are welcome 😉 Thanks for reading


  2. Prof.Kusal Das Avatar
    Prof.Kusal Das

    Lovely writings with passion on one of the important issues of mental health

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