Anniversary Note on Plastics and BPA

Exactly one year back, I started my blog site- happy space created to share my random feelings. I could post regularly for few months and as it happens with a busy life, the chord got broken one day. I regret that.

Recently we came across World Earth Day on 22nd April, the internet was flooded with “Save the Earth” campaign. Let it be for one or two days, but this kind of day celebrations remind us about our responsibilities. Most of you are facing the scorching sun overhead nowadays, it is too hot and every year we used to say “this time the heat is more”- isn’t it? Is it really the heat is on the rise? The glaciers are melting, the water level is rising, the plastics are replacing the land and water? Yes, this is happening and we do not know where the end is? Throughout the year I take part in tree plantation programs, I feel happy that we are doing good work, but it is always sighful when the summer arrives. The heat of the sun just absorbs all the moisture, all the beauty, all the calm. It only leaves restlessness out of heat stress. We realise, we have not done enough work to combat the hot mood of the sun.

We may blame it on urbanisation, industrial and population growth, callous attitude of people to save atmospheric conditions, blaming others for spreading pollution but we never count the individual efforts taken by every citizen of this planet. Really, it is time to ask everyone about their contribution to reducing the heat or global warming.


Don’t you like these type of roads? What do you do about it? Are you responsible for building a road like this in your neighbourhood?




There is severe water crisis throughout the world and still, we are searching solution for it.

Among the pollutants, nowadays, the plastic materials are at the centre of discussion. A chemical is making news for last two years which is very harmful for human body and that is Bisphenol A or BPA. This is an ingredient used to make hard plastics like polycarbonates and epoxy resins. So your plastic water bottle is not only harming the earth but also harming you. Fact is that you should not keep your plastic bottle, full of your drinking water under the hot sun!! It may release BPA and go directly into your body. BPA disturbs the hormone levels, induce thyroid (hypo/hyper), diabetes,  attack endocrine system in old age, reproductive system etc. Some say it may be carcinogenic too. So, avoid carrying a plastic water bottle, do not use hot water to clean it, do not use the bottle for a longer period of time and the bottles if they are cracked. There are substitutes now for BPA but they also do not ensure safety. To discard plastic water bottles we may slowly switch over to stainless steel bottles, glass or ceramic bottles. Similarly, the lining of various food cans contains the epoxy resin which is a source of BPA. Hence, avoid canned food and drinks as much as possible. Our sense of responsibility towards our health can reduce the plastic burden on our own planet.

Hence think and apply.

With this, I wish other bloggers a happy and successful blogging!!







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