The compromise I did

My analysis of life to check how pure it is :

Engulfed in the glamour of digital world the human race is disconnected from the planet’s rich resources. Are we not getting away from the lovely nature and its creatures? Not long ago, we the children of this planet used to play in the ground, in the sand, in the dust, in the mud. The dirty look never bothered us. The smell of the wet soil and the rainbow in the sky were more important. Watching a train passing by or sound of an aeroplane on the sky was much ore exciting than any other thing on the earth. The coloured glass marbles, the designs on the kites, the bicycle riding, the water colours and papers were more joyous. Every household had pets- cats, dogs, rabbits, hens, ducks, parrots, colourful birds, fishes in the aquariums and tanks too. I remember my father and his friends were very fond of few varieties of fishes and the like minded friends used to cultivate fish in the tanks in the backyard of the houses. One of my uncle spent his life in nurturing colourful fishes for aquariums and he used to sell aquariums and fishes to all interested people in our small town. I learnt to watch fishes and their names from my uncle and my father. We too had an aquarium in our home, I used to maintain it with my father. My mom had fascination for cats. She used to give foods to at least three cats and the kittens. My sisters were also helping my mom to take care of those pets. Our first pet’s name was “Tanta”– who was a very sweet meow. Whenever Tanta used to get her babies my mom and all in the family used to protect them against the male cats-it was a war like situation at home!! Whenever I think about those incidents I smile and take deep breathe- miss those old days. We watched the parrots speaking few words and tried to teach it words- it was such a fun!! I can remember building shades for sparrows and keeping seeds and water for them during scorching summer. The shades of the big trees which witnessed many meetings and tiffin breaks at school, the ponds and swimming and fishing, the paddy fields, the fruit gardens, the flower shows, the picnics in winter, all had life- the life’s lessons were learnt with the nature.

Missing Tanta
Missing Mithu
Missing the Gold Fish in my life.

Now I spent my day with busy job schedule, connecting to people digitally, social networking, electronic gadgets keep me occupied. Hardly I get time to watch nature and its creatures- or, are the creatures missing? I don’t have any pet at my home or I cant spare time for any, so I don’t have any. I have compromised the the small joys which nature gives to adopt the glamour and  glitters of digital life. My life’s joy are now encrusted by the hard disks!! Now I design my attires, much worried about my looks, my hair colours, my branded shoes!! Lost are the birds and flowers in the surrounding. So many years have passed to follow the rule of the world. Now, life is slowing down – I get time to look back and I see the huge compromise I made to keep the modern world’s modern people happy!!







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